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How hard was Tyrone really chillin’ off Howard University’s financial aid funds?

Tyrone and several of his fellow financial aid department employee homies at Howard University really made sure they secured their bags over the course of nine years.

It’s unreal how much guap these sheisty fucks were able to get away with in grants and tuition remission — in total, close to $1 million. To put this into perspective, tuition for a year at Howard University from 2017-2018 was around $24,000.

The crazy part is former student-employee, Tyrone Hankerson Jr., stands dead center in the midst of the financial aid scamming scandal. The evil genius allegedly G’d close to $429,000 from the historically Black university.

Late Tuesday, in a post on Medium, a whistleblower blew Tyrone’s spot up big time! The anonymous post has since been suspended but it did its job and got the conversation started as #Tyrone and #Howard became top trending moments on Twitter.

The Medium post revealed that Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick didn’t even catch wind of the scandal until 2017, but Frederick was quick to act and released a statement.

In the statement, he admitted he was actually informed about the misappropriation of funds designated for low-income students, back in December 2016. Soon after becoming aware of the scamming scandal, Fredrick conducted an internal investigation.

The internal audit report was completed in September 2017 and revealed that university grants were given to employees who also received tuition discounts from 2007 to 2016, resulting in payments that well exceeded the cost of attendance.

According to the statement, Frederick fired six employees for “gross misconduct and neglect of duties.”

“An investigation of individual employee actions was completed in September 2017 and as a result, six employees have been fired for gross misconduct and neglect of duties. We will refer this matter for criminal prosecution, as appropriate…”

The crazy part is in a statement released by Hankerson Jr.’s lawyer to ABC News Tyrone is claiming that he has “done nothing illegal or wrong.” It’s slow for you Tyrone, the proof is in the pudding.

Students feel the same and are planning a protest according to News 4 Washington. They have reason to and to think you scrubbed your Facebook once you found out you were being investigated. Well, it’s too late dawg the internet screenshotted you “securing your bag.”

In a couple of News 4 interviews, one student claimed, “I’m actually on the verge of transferring schools because I can’t afford to stay here because a grant was taken away from me.”

Another man who worked in the financial aid office for years admitted,

“It was a culture of fear where you had a lot of people who were afraid of the powers that be in the office… When these things were brought to [officials’] attention, they were just handled in a way that made people afraid to speak up. And that whole culture is still present, and it starts from the top.”

Low key, the associate director of the financial aid department, Brian Johnson, was also mentioned in the now suspended Medium whistleblowing article, too.

Explain how as a college student you were able to afford a top-notch life? Was this all on Howard University’s financial aid budget which was allocated for students that can barely afford to attend university and further their education? You scumbag.

What about you dubbing a student in need of financial aid? Allegedly you received $133,000 in aid for yourself that year, dawg.

Not only that you were able to finesse a personal videographer?! We can see the quality of those pics bro and there’s no freaking way that’s an iPhone camera.

We can poke fun at this all we want but it is sad to see a Black man scamming Black people at a historically Black college. Shame on you if you really did do this Tyrone and the six other employees under investigation.

We are supposed to lift each other up as a race not drag each other down like “crabs in a bucket.” That mentality is just straight up archaic dawg.

UPDATE: Students at Howard University have taken over  their Administration building and have started to sing Rihanna’s hit single”Bitch Better Have My Money.”