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How Gregory Siff’s positive mindset inspires the youth to keep creating

Visual artist Gregory Siff is his own “happiness dealer.”

His good vibes are contagious and if you ever get the chance to absorb Siff’s energy you won’t regret it. I, for sure, was jealous of his aura when I met the BK-native at his most recent show in NYC at the 4AM Gallery entitled “When You Were Little You Used To Color.” It was a homecoming for the talented LA-based creator who hadn’t had an installation in the city where he was raised for some time.

Everyone was crowded around him in an attempt to reconnect. Yet, his vibe pulsated and when you entered the room you didn’t have to see him to know that he was present.

In a way, his art did all of the talking and gave each viewer a look into the mind of a great artist.  Each piece that lined the brick wall of the gallery was a breath of nostalgia as abstract colors swirled around giant canvasses of resined Pop Rock packages and an oil crayon drawing of a Bazooka Gum packet.

Many of Siff’s paintings, when looked at deeply, are like mental teleportation. On one canvass — an ICEE slushie, cotton candy on a paper cone, a popped open package of Big League Chew, and many more delectable sweets.

The painted items were all things we can remember asking our mother to get us as we endlessly tugged on their shirts in hopes that they would fall for our cute manipulative tactics.

Trust that it was worth catching up with the artful mastermind on the last day of his beautiful installation for an exclusive video interview with Kulture Hub. During the interview, we discussed his infatuation with the awe of the little things in life, his positive mindset, staying calm under artistic pressure, and what it takes for a young creative to be successful.

Through his works, Siff has touched many and hopefully, his persona will stay with you the same way that it stayed with me. All he wants for in return for his art is for you to know:

“We’re all artists. We all have a song. We all have that symphony to create. For some people, it could be with numbers, with film, with video, or just being a good person. I have this quote that I wrote on the wall when I was low, ‘I am my own happiness dealer.’ I don’t need someone to create that. I’d like people to know that they’ve got the volume knob on their heart and they can play it as loud as they want.”

Go ahead and press play on the video interview above. You will be inspired. One love!