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How a 17-year-old entrepreneur and her mother created Honestly Margo

Have you ever met Margo? 17-year-old Margo Gianos, the founder of bath and beauty brand Honestly Margo, has a pretty dope story to tell.

It all started five years ago when she was playing around in the kitchen and decided to make her own homemade lip balm using a blend of natural ingredients. She brought those to school as all of her friends and classmates couldn’t get enough of it.

Fast forward a few years later and Margo began running her own business selling bath and beauty products, just like the one she cooked up in her kitchen that day, but success didn’t just happen overnight.

Yes, she is CEO of her own company and has worked together with her mother throughout the entire process. With products that everyone loves, they both work hand in hand with business development and marketing. Over time, Margo and her mother learned about the business firsthand and today have a brand that is booming.

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Margo is still a regular girl who enjoys hanging out with friends, exercising, and watching the University of Oklahoma football games. She is currently a high school senior and plans to continue her education after high school as well as continue to build Honestly Margo.

The Honestly Margo brand’s mission is “about making fun products that inspire a new generation.” They believe in fresh and natural products as well as the power women have. In an interview with Margo, she told me,

“I created Honestly Margo Bath and Beauty because I love bath and beauty products, and I wanted to create fun, fresh and unique beauty products for millennials.”

Giving us a little throwback Honestly Margo created a line of cool and fun roller girl lip-glosses that were inspired from the original roller ball lip glosses from the late 70s, early 80s. Margo explained,

“These are formulated in a fresh way that isn’t sticky or tacky and leaves your lips moisturized.”


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Roll-On Lipgloss + Pink roller skates = happiness

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I definitely remember those roller ball growing up. I thought I was poppin with a cherry flavored lip-gloss. It’s nice to see them back in a different and fun new way.

Honestly Margo also sells a fun Unicorn-themed line that is super cute with products like bath dust, hand and body scrub, and lotion. The products are all pink and fun to look at with unicorns all over — it’s sure to bring the child out of any adult.

If that wasn’t cool enough imagine having a different solution for congestion, headaches, or being stressed — Margo created a soothing balm called Serenity Vapor.


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Sinuses acting up? SERENITY will be your bestie! 💞 with soothing menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermint ✨

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You just rub the balm across your forehead or temples to relieve the tension. The balm is made with menthol, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus. The list of products goes on and they’re pretty cool definitely check them out online.

Margo stated in our interview that her primary goal is “to become a globally recognized beauty brand — one that inspires and motivates women while providing them the highest quality, natural products to help them look and feel their best!”

Honestly Margo products are currently being sold in boutiques, hospital gift shops, pharmacies, online, and over 1000 stores across the country. By making connections at trade shows and sharing their story, Margo has learned how to build her business.

However, it’s the support of her mother Irene that has really helped get her to where she is today. As co-founder of Honestly Margo as well as being a lifestyle expert, women’s empowerment mentor, and the force behind The OP Life, she is at the end of the day her mother first.


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Never a dull moment together 👯‍♀️

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They are both two amazing women ready to showcase the world the power women have when they believe in themselves and each other. They speak to the each of their generations and show how to follow your dreams and accomplish what you desire. Margo

“My advice is to believe in your product and what you want to do because if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, no one else will either. Always work hard and always be looking to make connections with people you meet along the way.”

Honestly Margo also gives students the opportunities to learn and grow by providing internship opportunities as well as part-time and full-time employment just by reaching out and emailing

Margo stated that they “try to keep things fun and flexible for our interns while providing a working experience that they will truly benefit from.”


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Adios Atlanta! Vegas we’ll see you in a couple weeks! 💁🎉 #atlmkt #lvmkt

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These are definitely great opportunities for students to take advantage of to learn from Margo, Irene, and their team directly. What are you waiting for?