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Hip hop holiday music that will still slap in 2021

Holiday Music

One of the more unique trends circulating in the music industry today is the emergence of hip hop holiday music. Specifically hip hop and R&B artists, but musical talents in general, are recognizing the lucrative opportunities the holiday season presents.

Holiday music is not a new occurrence in hip hop. On the contrary, legendary artists like Run DMC, Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records have all had successful efforts before.

Despite this fact, it seems like the pandemic’s ability to keep us indoors has sparked the inspiration for a resurgence.
Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto

Hip hop holiday music in 2020

Chance The Rapper and Jeremih’s Christmas album Merry Christmas Lil Mama dropped earlier this year. Although it came out on Soundcloud in 2017, the artists have officially made the project available on the other streaming platforms.

Although the album is essentially the same project as the original with the exception of a few songs, it could be that the artists plan to carry out the project in the future.

Are U Live

LVRN has banked a lot on its talent in holiday rap music

LVRN (Love Renaissance) collectively dropped a nine-track project of Christmas music.

With songs featuring 6lack, Summer Walker, Shelley fka D.R.A.M, Westside Boogie, and Eli Darby, the album has an array of different sounds that differ from the traditional Christmas album.

Maintaining themes of classics like Feliz Navidad, Santa Baby, and This Christmas, LVRN’s renditions of the holiday classics produced a unique take on music that has been sung for decades.

Santa Baby

Considering the diversely talented roster on LVRN, this project thus opened a window for the label to contribute to a positive musical tradition.

Pornhub joins the hip hop holiday music trend

Following Valentine’s day xxx album, Pornhub has chosen Christmas as its next hip hop holiday album release. The star-studded tracklist features artists like A$AP Ferg, Rubi Rose, Sukihana, and Mila J shows that Pornhub has a presence in music.

The platform has a long-winded history working with the range of artists. From Kanye West and Wacka Flocka to Blac Chyna and Asian Doll, Pornhub will continue to release compilation projects.

Playboi Carti to drop Whole Lotta Red on Christmas Day

There’s is nothing like a Christmas day drop and at this moment each and every Playboi Carti fan is stupid hype/shook.

We can honestly thank Mario Judah for applying the pressure.

As Carti Christmas approaches and we look to Whole Lotta Red to close out 2020, how has other holiday hip hop music kept us inspired?

Christmas rap songs and other holiday music will help us push into 2021

While the release of Christmas albums and music may not be the most anticipated bodies of work during the year, it is a unique way for artists to make light-hearted music with the intentions of happiness behind it.

These hip hop holiday projects have therefore been a good way for artists to express their personalities over classic songs that have been done for years.

As new artists continue to push the boundaries in music, the tradition should make for new classics soon.

What do you think of the hip hop holiday music albums or Christmas rap songs that have been released this year? Do you think this decade will bring new holiday classics?