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Here’s why the internet is going so damn hard for skinny Adele

We all know Adele, possibly the most critically acclaimed music artist of the last decade. On top of selling out Madison Square Garden with powerhouse vocals, her most recent feat has stunned the world again.

On May 6, Adele took to Instagram, sharing her thanks for birthday wishes and a picture of her in a sleek black dress. Now in the best shape of her career, many have rightfully praised her. Weight loss is no small task, and no doubt took hard work and loads of dedication.

However, some fans aren’t so thrilled about the response. Yesterday while watching the H3 Podcast, hosts Ethan and Hila Klein pointed out a different kind of reaction. They noted that some fans have called out Adele’s congratulators via Twitter to shame them for complimenting her.

H3 noted just how baffling this concept really is. These shamers take the stance that Adele was beautiful before she lost weight, and is not now suddenly beautiful because of it.

While that opinion is fair, it’s the shaming of those praising her that just ain’t right.

As Ethan mentioned, who admitted to being currently overweight himself, weight loss is monumental for those who do. When people lose weight, they do so to feel better about themselves, physically or mentally. When it happens, the weight dropper likes to have their progress recognized.

We all like to be seen and validated.

Many on Twitter like to present themselves as being “woke,” putting down others to build themselves up. Woke culture is built on narcissism and blind devotion, so it would make sense that these contrarians needed to be heard.

Their message is counterproductive. The point of congratulating Adele is at its core meant to spread positivity. They likely wouldn’t be doing so if they meant to be cruel. Ironically, these positivity shamers, with their high-horse ideals, are doing more harm than good.

As with any internet community or subculture that makes no sense, the best thing to do is ignore them. People online only really have as much power as you give them. H3 points them out for how ridiculous they are!

Don’t feed the trolls, my friends.