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Floyd Mayweather got paid $3 million to vacation in China while you still broke as hell

Floyd Mayweather is still living the life after beating Conor McGregor and keeping his undefeated record in tact.

But let’s be honest, whether he won or lost, he’d still be the most Gucci.

At 40 years old, there’s still rumors of him returning to the ring to face another (strategic) opponent and adding a few more Ms into his bank account.

But until that gets sorted, Floyd is enjoying the fruits of his labor and is currently in China with 23 of his people to vacation. Oh yeah, and he got paid $3 million just to do it.

Call him cocky if you want but the motherfucker is filthy rich. The caption he shared on some of his flyest pics from his trip say it all. Towards the end he really broke it down from his perspective saying,

“With money this long, everything is different. I move different, I dress different and I live different because my money is extremely different!”

Well damn lemme hold something’! Just kidding. Floyd is living it up no doubt but so is your boy Conor McGregor.

With rumors that he may not even fight in the UFC again after raking in $100 million from his last fight with Floyd, god knows what he might start devoting his time to!

Conor Mcgregor Wtf GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Conor also made some very hot-boy news when he allegedly punched an Irish mobster in the face during a barroom brawl. Apparently, there’s a ransom price on his head but, hey, best of luck to him with that!

As for Floyd, who really knows what he’s doing out there in China or who paid him? All we know is that he posted this weird ass Instagram post for some event he’s promoting.

Hopefully he doesn’t have to fight someone without realizing it.

Who the hell gets $3 million to do absolutely nothing? Oh yeah, Floyd!