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FKA twigs and Getty Images collaborate to empower Black creatives

In her latest contribution to the visual art world, FKA twigs is partnering with Getty Images to release visual content from the world’s largest private archive.

The images and videos will be free to use for all non-commercial use, in an effort to enrich Black history in its visual context. FKA twigs describes how artist Kandis Williams drew her attention to the wealth of information in the hands of Getty Images, saying: 

“We were discussing how powerful it would be to make this content available to Black creators and educators – enabling us to put these pieces together and make our history accessible for generations to come.”

FKA twigs for Getty Images, Feb 2021.

The monumental collaboration to celebrate Black history

Echoing FKA twigs’ sentiments, Getty Images stated that it is hoping that by making this content more accessible, Black creatives will also be able to take their storytelling to the next level.

In a mission statement, the company wrote that its intention is to “preserve and celebrate Black history.”

It also added its goal to “support storytelling as a weapon in the struggle for uplift.”

The Hulton Archive and editorial collections are set to be released to the public for non-commercial use. This is part of Getty Images’ initiative providing support for research, education, and mentoring around Black history

FKA twig’s role in the empowerment of Black creatives

FKA twigs has been a major industry presence and a champion of the visual arts for our generation.

The alt-pop icon has starred in and directed multiple ad campaigns, including Nike, Google Glass, and Calvin Klein. Most recently, she released a single titled “Don’t Judge Me.”

The video features poet and Black Lives Matter activist Solomon O.B, mental health advocate Nicole Crentsil, and countless other figures that are revolutionizing the world we live in today.

The song is a statement on what it’s like to be Black in the face of systemic and also cultural biases that stand in the way.

This collaboration with Getty Images is still yet another step in FKA twig’s career. Not only as a creative director, but as a leader in the struggle against racial injustice everywhere.