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Fit Watch: 10 LA streetwear brands on the come up

The rivalry between East Coast and West Coast is a tale as old as time.

Since we just took a look at NYC’s up and coming brands there was no way we couldn’t check out what LA had to offer. LA already has a crazy line up when it comes streetwear brands.

Brands like The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Co., and Undefeated all have brought their own twist to streetwear.

Sure, New York got the heat but you gotta respect what LA has come out with. They bring a totally different vibe, which is dope cause you gotta diversify the closet.

These up and comers are sick and absolutely worth checking out.

Just don’t be surprised when you see some of these brands compared to the biggest names in streetwear in the coming years.

These brands are mostly known only in LA but once they start reaching the East coast you better hope you copped now or it’ll be to late.

Brain Dead

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Brain Dead is based out of LA but is a collaboration of artists and designers from around the world. They recently put out a very lit Vans collab.

Their designs may be a little wild but that is never a bad thing. It helps them stand out.

If they keep doing what they’re doing there’s no doubt they’ll blow up.

Babylon LA

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Babylon LA is a skate brand with their very own skate bowl in the backyard. All their pieces are sick but with their most recent Budweiser collab, they really killed it.

It don’t matter whether you like clothing or skating, Babylon LA has something for you. Keep an eye out for them because we don’t know what fire they might drop next.


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Swapmeet defines themselves as a brand where they tell stories with their clothes. For them “Everything’s for sale.”

Their simple designs are dope and you won’t have to go crazy looking for a good fit.

The Nike Cortez collab was fire and I would definitely keep an eye out for future drops.

Future Replica

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Since 2011 Future Replica has continued to drop dope clothes. Many of their designs are reminiscent of older brand logos like Playstation 2 and FILA.

They are definitely worth a follow as what they’ve done so far has been too nice to pass up.

With a name like Pleasures Now you might expect a playful light-hearted brand but instead their designs are very dark with sprinkles of humor.

It might not be for everyone but it is still fire. With time this brand will surely spread and we’ll see a new big name in streetwear.


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Mintcrew is a high-end brand that’s influenced by the classic LA streetwear aesthetic.

They aren’t too expensive compared to other high-end LA brands so your paycheck won’t be beat.

Their tees are long so you know they’ll go great when you decide to layer. A lot of their clothing is sold out so you might wanna get on before it’s too late.


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Hypland might be based in LA but they don’t let that limit them.

They mix culture from around the world into their designs so that you can rock their clothing wherever.

Their concept is dope and I would love to see where else they go. Don’t sleep on Hypland cause they will definitely drop some heat.


This means a lot to me. The GOAT. King Kendrick. #thedamntour

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BornxRaised (Born and Raised) is just too clean.

So many of their designs scream Cali. If you want to rep that LA look, Born x Raised is for you. This brand is fresh and they even got King Kendrick himself wearing them.

If you’re not already on this then you bout to take an L.


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Founded back in 2014, RHUDE aims to make a simple design that appeals to younger generations. They describe their brand thusly:

“RHUDE focuses on minimalistic effortless style mixed with streetwear sensibilities, using fine fabrics and focus on fit. Rhude celebrates the youth and elegance through simple and functional clothes.”

They accomplish those goals and they do it well. What they have on their website is dope and clearly Future agrees. They are pricier than most other brands on this list but if you got the bread and want something nice RHUDE is worth it.

Virgil Normal

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Founded on the corner of Virgil and Normal, Virgil Normal, sells a wide range of items besides clothing.

Their clothing is hot and people will easily recognize you’re rocking an LA brand from the logo.

Their site is absolutely worth a look as they have other brands if you don’t like what they offer (but they probably got something for you).