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Fire! This Twitter thread lets us see the creators behind the lens

Twitter is where creativity and recognition can truly flourish.

Much like our Finally Focused series on Kulture Hub, the Twitter photo format of the “shot/shooter” has sought to highlight the creators behind the lens.

Taking a peek behind the scenes can be a lot of fun, but it’s also highly important.

We often see photos as images of art within themselves without thinking about the person who created them. Photos can be deceiving in that way.

The image looks like we could’ve seen it with our own eyes, and therefore feels effortless. But there’s a reason why not every pic you snap is a winner.

It takes skill and creativity to achieve the shots we covet.

That’s why the “shot/shooter” image format adequately places equal recognition onto the photographer as well as the art they’ve created. And as photographer @SayBreaaa pointed out this is even more important when the photographer is a woman.

Despite the art industry seeming far more inviting of women and POC, your usual photographer is often assumed to be a man, and more often than not a white man.

But we know that’s not the case.

There’s diversity in art and photography and skill and talent are found everywhere. Pre-reqs of whiteness and maleness are being banished.

But just taking a flick is not all that photographers do.

Besides getting the right lighting and angles, after the photographer takes the photo, there’s still plenty to do. Edits can quite literally take far longer than a photoshoot.

Getting the colors just right, the shadows and highlights at their best are tasks that few consider when they’re enjoying a photo’s beauty.  No matter how natural and ‘free from photoshop’ you want a photo to be, if you truly want the best out of a given shot, you’ll need to edit it.

So make sure to support your local photographer. It’s not enough to just silently enjoy their work. Promote them on social if you truly like it, and hire them for your events.