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Dude who looks exactly like Conor McGregor gasses everyone in NYC

As one of the biggest fights in all of boxing approaches with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, the HYPE IS REAL.

While we eagerly wait for the 26th to come around there are still plenty of things to take place before then.

The trash talk is absolutely hilarious, both Conor and Floyd know how to put on a show. We all know the fight probably won’t live up to the promos but this build up has been great.

There is so much content that there is truly something new every day.

Of course the internet was full steam ahead and this video of a fake McGregor is a must watch because it’s just too funny.

Islam Badurgov, a street workout athlete, who a month ago pretended to be McGregor out in LA has struck again in NYC.

It’s unbelievable the crowd he brought together in LA but the New York crowd made his LA appearance look like a little get together.

Look, Times Square is usually packed but DAMN there was no room for movement.

It’s crazy to see how many people actually believed him to be the real McGregor. I guess I can understand why they thought that but still.

He attracted so many people it’s crazy. He even got some cops to take a picture with him like BOI.

On top of that, Badurgov pretty much stopped traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. I would’ve been mad asf if I was there.

But that’s something McGregor would probably do and get away with.

So if you were wondering how big of a deal you have to be to get away with anything you have your answer.