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Dolls Kill gets flamed for tone-deaf post. When will brands learn?

With the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor fresh on the public’s mind, many are raising their voices. The message is clear: end police brutality on people of color.

However, the message may not have been so clear for Dolls Kill founder Shoddy Lynn.

Reposted by brand ambassador Aieshia Memphis (@aieshia_dickey_memphis on IG), Lynn’s recent IG post has rightfully landed the brand in hot water.


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#BLACKOUTFOREVER✊🏽 @dollskill @shoddylynn #boycocottthisbusiness As a brand ambassador I had dreams of working with this company because I loved the fashions that they represented. But now seeing the response from the owner of this company has made me rethink that as a business decision and as a patron. I will always choose not to do business with and will encourage anyone to not shop at this business. WE #boycott anyone that does not stand for #equalrights and justice for all! Lets fight through #dollskill #commerce #boycottdollskill #dontshopthere #blackfestivalgirls #blackflowarts #blackflowartistsofig #blackflowartist #blackflowartists #blackartists #blackaerialist #blackaerialists #standagainstracism #freedomofspeech #brandambassador #protestinginjustice #findanotherwaytoprotest #stopgivingyourmoneyaway #brandambassadorcommunity #blackouttuesday

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Judging by the caption of Lynn’s photo, it looks like she doesn’t know which side to support.

With a history of racism and rape culture promoted through this brand, this is only the most recent in a pattern of behavior. With tensions so high, this may just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the brand.

You’re cancelled

With #boycottdollskill on the rise, many are taking to Instagram and Twitter with their own examples.

The criticism Dolls Kill has received over the years is nothing new, though.

For a long time, the brand had the power and influence enough to ignore the critics, but that time may be gone. With unprofessional customer service responses, little diversity in models, design theft, and more, their time is near.

In response to the massive backlash, Dolls Kill decided to post three black squares on their Instagram for #blackouttuesday.

The response has been far from positive. Long time patrons of the brand saw right through this attempt at “woke” advertising, putting them on blast in the comments. And rightfully so.


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We fucked up. We should have been quicker + louder and this is what we r doing about it.

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When trying to save face the first time didn’t work, they tried it AGAIN with a little modification. The response is still resounding bullshit. In their second attempt at PR spin, they seem to miss the point again on people’s anger.

Their assertion that they “should have been quicker” to respond to criticism shows how little they cared before it hit their bottom line: cash.

This attempt was see-through to their audience, who again sounded off in the comments. If you want more examples of their contempt for their customers, #boycottdollskill will give you plenty.

Put your dollars where they won’t breed more ignorance.

Look out for this article on PAGE magazine.