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Did the COVID-19 pandemic make us more creative with cooking?

Whether you want to admit it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected people’s lives in many ways- and that includes a chef’s cooking habits as well as yours.

In this article, the changes in cooking habits during the pandemic will be discussed thoroughly.

couple kitchen
Couple makes dinner in a kitchen

More Creativity When it Comes to Recipes

Spending 24 hours a day at home during the pandemic without doing anything can be really boring. With that, more individuals are seeking to find something that will let them focus their attention-cooking. 

Before cooking anything, you would need to follow recipes at first. That requires a lot of research from different platforms that will help you find your preferences and tastes. Then, afterward, you will seek to create small innovations to put in your dish, creating a personal touch to it. 

There is nothing more fun than to experiment on your own and find that bursting experience that you can find from delicious food.

With Halloween just around the corner, there has never been a better time to experiment with gruesome appetizers that can make this day fun, even if it is spent indoors. You can surprise your family with homemade Halloween treats like scary sushi balls or brownie spiders.

More Sensitivity When it Comes to Sanitation

You would want to make sure that all ingredients are properly clean, especially after you finish shopping for groceries. You may need to sanitize the shopping bags and make sure that everything you bought is safe from any contagious disease. 

This part greatly affected people’s cooking habits, and in a sense, individuals start to subconsciously become more hygienic when it comes to cooking their own meals.

On the other hand, even if you want to order your favorite food, you may be feeling a bit paranoid about it. But, you have no need to worry, restaurants are now following safety protocols during the pandemic and ensure that the chefs have the appropriate clothing and equipment when cooking dishes.

You can still enjoy food delivery occasionally and enjoy the hassle-free food delivered to your doorstep. If you have no time to cook your own food, you can opt for gluten-free, keto, dairy-free, low carb or low calorie, or meal delivery for the Paleolithic Diet on the go.

Whatever your diet needs, there are meal delivery services that offer them. There is no need to worry about their food delivery process as well as they are highly trusted and reliable.

More Application of Mise en Place 

Mise en Place is organizing everything that you need and putting it into different containers for stress-free cooking. Mise en place simply means to put into place. And in today’s time where home cooking is becoming more of a trend, one would want their kitchen to be clean and organized. 

Skip the hassle of making mistakes, forgetting ingredients, and a lot more by doing mise en place. There is no more need to rush and cook while preparing the ingredients, with a lot of free time being spent inside your homes, mise en place is being applied by a lot of individuals frequently. 

Increase in Vegetable Dishes

People have been opting for a healthier alternative that can give greater chances to resist the coronavirus. According to studies, there has been a spike in buying fruits and vegetables during the pandemic and that would mean an increase in cooking vegetable dishes. 

It has been said that a person would feel more safer and secure whenever they are eating vegetables.

Also, due to the loss of jobs, many have been hoping to spend less with a vegetable diet that is not only cheap but also provides the nutrients, vitamins, and immunity that you would need to fight or resist any contagious disease.

cooking vegatables
A collection of vegetables

More Passion for Home Cooking

In the end, the only person that you would highly trust is yourself when it comes to creating your own food. There is more passion for home cooking than ever before, and many are genuinely happy with it. Their cooking skills are improving day by day since the pandemic came and it has been the fuel to ignite the fire to create more delightful and heavenly meals.

People are becoming more flexible and creative during this time of the pandemic. Even though life is hard, you should still continue to strive ahead and try to enjoy the little good things.

Hopefully, everything will go back to normal soon. In the meantime, you can focus on your cooking and bring the chef out that has been hiding inside your heart.