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#TDC20: Swizz Beatz and The Dean Collection are giving $5,000 to 20 artists

The art god, Swizz Beatz, is blessing 20 select artists from all around the world with $5,000 each. We are talking sculptors, collagists, painters, and all artists from all different walks of life.

The Dean Collection 20 St(art)ups, #TDC20, is allowing YOU, THE ARTIST, to throw your own art show on a $5,000 budget. It doesn’t matter the theme or the medium. Swizz Beatz understands “the struggle of the artist” and wants you to “make it happen.”

Plus, all the money you make off of your art goes right back into your pocket. AYYE, 100% COMMISION!

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Artists you should be excited. Someone is giving you a real chance to put together a show focused on your works. This could be your big break. The least you can do is take a shot and apply. The process is light work.

Let me break down for you. You can go to their official site here, and the link is also provided in Swizz Beatz’s bio, plus The Dean Collection’s bio on IG.

Once you get to the landing page fill in the blanks to your life. Your name, contact info, IG handle, etc. If you don’t know any of those you need to see a doctor.

Swing right below that and upload the best selfie you’ve ever taken of yourself. We know you have OD stored on that iCloud you vain motherf*cka.

Below that, tell Swizz and The Dean Collection what your motivations and goals are as an artist. Dig deep here and “Show ‘Em Whatcha Got,” Flavor Flav voice*.

Obviously, you’re going to need to show off your skills. So drop the files in the sample work upload box like it’s hot. Don’t get too spicy though as you’re only allowed to enter four pieces.

Finally, upload your business plan on how you’ll be spending the five bands ($5000) on your art show. It is to be short and sweet. Think of it as your written elevator pitch.

If you’re not too sure how to put one together, I found this quick online guide with everything that you need to consider when it comes to making and spending guap as an artist. Things to consider – the cost of the space, insurance, opening day refreshments, etc.

So you don’t G yourself, the deadline for applications is at the end of the month, May 31.

For those of you who are just stumbling upon The Dean Collection, it was founded by Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys. The sole purpose of the contemporary family art collection is strictly focused on the support of living artists.

#TDC20 is doing it for you, the ARTIST! Please, don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Chances for a big break only come by once in awhile. This could be the tool you use to get to the next level.

“Take your creativity into your own hands!”