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Project #ShowUs is a collective effort to shatter beauty stereotypes

#ShowUs seems to be yet another case in which “Hashtag Activism” produces real-world solutions.

Dove, who has a rich history diversifying the images of women portrayed in commercial media, has paired up with Getty Images and the Los Angeles based company Girlgaze in order to create the largest stock photo library by and for those who identify as female or non-binary.

As one of the leading stock photo image companies in the world, Getty Images has pioneered this project in order to help other brands broaden their range of representation with the stock images they use.

This collection has more than 5,000 photographs of 179 subjects from more than 39 countries. What’s most important? Each photographed individual was able to specifically define what they wanted their search descriptions and tags to be.

This level of sensitivity is crucial. #ShowUs fully ensured that each person a part of the campaign was defined in the way that they themselves wish to be seen.

Additionally, Getty is proving yet again the importance of a diverse range of photographers in shooting subject matter that has to deal with broadening the lenses of representation: Every one of the 116 photographers represented the broad global range of female identifying or non-binary folk.

In a world in which models like Barbara Palvin are considered “plus size,” movements like #ShowUs are not only revolutionary but necessary.

Professor Phillipa Diedrichs told Getty Images,

“When women and girls experience body dissatisfaction, they experience negative consequences across key areas of their lives, including their health and well-being, their relationships, and their aspirations in education and work settings.”

According to research conducted by Dove, 70 percent of women do not feel represented in the media they encounter on a day to day basis. Seventy-one percent of the women apart of this statistic want to see these companies broaden their representation to include more realistic standards of beauty.

Photo Cred: Bhumika Bhatia | #ShowUs | Getty Images

Major brands have heard this call to action with search terms such as “women leaders,” “real people,” and “diverse women” on Getty Images increasing over 100 percent.

Getty Images’ goal of this collaboration was to answer the call for more inclusive representation through the diversification of stock image platforms.

Dove has been working on campaigns to inspire a diverse representation and body positivity, beginning with their #RealBeauty pledge in 2017. Massive brands pushing campaigns such as these legitimize universal representation–from race to body type–in popular media.

This collaboration marks an important step in the right direction. The collaboration between everyday people and brands to create an equitable representation in a world that is more interconnected than ever is incredibly admirable.