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Getty Images’ new inclusion scholarships promote diversity in creativity

Getty Images is doing its part to bring more diversity to the the visual media industry, with its inaugural 2020 Inclusion Scholarships.

While many companies in the US have made statements about creating a more diverse environment, unfortunately not all of them have exactly made good on those promises.


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Today we are announcing the recipients of our inaugural Inclusion Scholarships. The scholarships were launched in March with the aim of supporting emerging editorial talent within minority groups, offering aspiring photojournalists the creative means and solutions to pursue education that will enable careers within the industry. @gettyimages partnered with specialist organizations @womenphotograph, @_creativeaccess, @nabjofficial, @aajaofficial and @officialnahj to award five scholarship grants of $10k each. Please join us in congratulating Michael Blackshire, Pamela Elizarraras Acitores, Haiyun Jiang, Tami Aftab and Abigail Holsborough. Click on Link In Bio to read the full press release.

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The visual communications giant announced the recipients of its inaugural 2020 Inclusion Scholarships this past Thursday.

Five fortunate individuals each received $10,000 in scholarship money to help in their next project or to go towards their education in the creative field they’re pursuing.

This exciting new scholarship program was the result of a massive partnership between Getty Images and organizations such as Women Photograph, Creative Access, National Association of Black Journalists, Asian American Journalists Association, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Getty Images’ Inclusion Scholarships were launched for the first time ever in March with the goal of enabling emerging creators to pursue their dream education or project. 

The recipients of this scholarship all come from a diverse array of backgrounds, and it’s exciting to see how their efforts will shape the media industry.

The recipients of the 2020 Inclusion Scholarships are:

Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – National Association of Black Journalists

Michael Blackshire: From Louisville, Kentucky. Michael is a recent graduate from Western Kentucky University with a double-major in Photojournalism and African American Studies. He is planning on studying at Newhouse School, Syracuse University in September.


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Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Pamela Elizarraras Acitores: a recent graduate from the Parsons School of Design in New York, with a major in Product Design, Pamela will be pursuing a Master’s in Photography with a focus on mixed media.

Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – Asian American Journalists Association

Haiyun Jiang: based in Ohio, Haiyun will be pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Scripps College and School of Visual Communication at Ohio University. 


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Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – Women Photograph

  • Tami Aftab: London born and based photographer, Tami is currently pursuing a BA in Photography at London College of Communications.


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Turmeric and Chilli

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Getty Images Inclusion Scholarship – Creative Access

Abigail Holsborough: based in London, Abigail is pursuing a BA in Fine Art Print and Time-Based Media at Wimbledon College of Art.

These scholarships are a great step in the right direction for giving these creatives a greater voice in the industry.

As more organizations besides Getty Images create opportunities and resources for creators from underrepresented communities, it will be exciting to see how these creators enrich the creative world.