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There’s more to music: For Queens rapper MID, music is drugs

I first met Queens-rapper MID back in 2012. Back then he was a young up-and-coming rapper with a sick flow untouchable by those who dared to place themselves in his class of artistry.

Now, the 27-year-old rapper is on his way to the top of the underground totem pole. He’s managed to keep himself grounded with music by not only using his creativity as motivation but by keeping himself surrounded by those who are destined for greatness.

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Coming up MID, always wrote the fire rhymes. As a youngin, he would jot down lyrics in his Sonic the Hedgehog notebook. Then at 15, he would start to study the game, heavy, and produce his own tracks. At 15 he would never look back.

“At 15, I was able to see that you could do this shit yourself at your own crib. You don’t have to go to a big ass studio to record yourself and make it sound good. Watching Curren$y, Wiz, Cudi, that Freshman Class come up and them doing it themselves I was inspired to want to do music on my own…”

For MID there was a lot of soul searching and experimentation involved when it came to perfecting his craft. Using his life experiences he’s able to sonically tap into the emotions the listener wants to feel.

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Finding out who he really is, creatively, was a big part of becoming musically mature. In regards to reaching where he is today he reflected on growing into his sound:

“It’s not something you do by writing and writing. It’s something you have to learn through life experiences.”

Six carefully curated and dope projects later, MID is still going hard in the paint. Still, we all know that the journey to becoming a self-sufficient rapper is not an easy road to embark on.

It takes more than an ambitious mentality. It takes tenacity and a whole lot of faith within one’s creativity. But even if rap doesn’t put food on the table, MID reassured me that he’ll always be working on the hits.

“I’m always going to have a studio in the crib. I just have the desire to make hits.”

That undying desire has garnered MID a tour in Japan and an opportunity to open for Juice Wrld. For sure, he’s in the game to do more than win it. He’s looking to leave a legendary mark on the music.

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Plus with his squad, RRR, by his side, there’s no stopping the young artist. The crew, which was first named Regularrr, was inspired to prove that four kids from NYC were more than just a bunch of regular kids from the block.

With a keen view of the finish line, it’s straight vibes ahead for the young king. Make sure to keep your ears to the streets and take a listen to MID’s latest release Music is Drugs. 

And remember, there’s always more to music.