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Melly vs Melvin: Will YNW Melly break the charts from behind bars?

Even from prison, facing a double-murder charge and the death penalty, YNW Melly is working.

Melly announced yesterday he is releasing his third album, “Melly vs Melvin” on Friday, Nov. 22.

In the cover art, Melly and his alter ego Melvin stand side by side, Melly with a bright smile, Melvin more clean-cut with a stern look on his face.

The cover art shows the stark and scary contrast between the two sides of Melly’s life.

“Melly vs Melvin” has been in the works since August, six months after he was arrested¬†¬†for allegedly murdering two of his associates, “YNW Juvy,” and “YNW Sakchaser.”

His hit single, “Murder on My Mind,” heavily suggested the claims were true, and also served to increase his clout and popularity among fans.

Nothing gets more attention in 2019 than drama, and drama of this magnitude was sure to cause a stir. The song featuring the lyrics “I reloaded my pistol, cocked it back, and shot him twice” is still Melly’s most successful song.


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Melly is not the first artist to release an album from prison. But his style and crisp voice are certainly unique, and fans of the star are extremely excited at this announcement.

Most recently, Melly appeared on Lil Keed’s “Pull Up,” along with Lil Uzi Vert, and dropped “Dangerously in Love (772 Love Pt. 2).”

Melly has one of the most unique voices in the hip hop industry right now, and regardless of the verdict, the art missed if he is put to death will be a shame.

The death penalty still being a possibility brings up a contentious debate on the morality of whether the state should be allowed to kill someone.

Melly is no simple artist, as illustrated in the album’s cover art. The duality that lives inside him is sure to be present in the songs.

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And his passion for his craft is evident with this latest album drop.

This is a must-peep project because it is coming from a unique and talented individual, who must have a lot to say about his predicament, and time for self-reflection seeing as how that is all he has right now: time.

If you’re like us fam, we can’t wait.

While you wait for Melly vs Melvin check out our playlist below, fam.