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UK rapper Loyle Carner kicks fan out of his show for being sexist

UK rapper Loyle Carner has been blowing up on the other side of the pond.

His 2017 album Yesterday’s Gone peaked at #14 on the UK charts, got him a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Prize, and now he’s currently headlining a tour, selling out across Britain and Ireland.

But at a sold out show in Norwich on Sunday, Carner had to confront a crowd member for inappropriate comments the fan made towards opening act Elisa & Srigala.

The fan in question reportedly yelled out “you have big tits” at Elisa before Carner took the stage and Carner then used his position to make an example of the situation.

In the video, Carner tells the fan he ain’t got to go home but he’s gotta get the hell outta here. “I’m sorry man, you gotta learn a lesson my young man,” Carner says to the fan to applause from the crowd. The UK rapper went on, “You gotta go. For being sexist, you gotta go.”

Carner lated tweeted that “That shit will not be tolerated.”

This isn’t a huge surprise as Carner has spoken about being socially conscious and much of his music has a politically charged message.

Carner recently spoke to NME about his album and the political awareness of our generation,

“I’m representing. I’m a millennial I guess, or just before. We’re in a good place. People have more to talk about – we have more of a political voice, we have more of a left-thinking voice, it’s more positive, we look after each other. Really I’m just trying to say that being 21 is difficult.”

Definitely cool to see a dude performer stand up to sexism and use his platform to send a message of positivity.

Salute to Loyle Carner, another UK rapper putting on.