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Dude gets away with live streaming UFC fight by pretending to play it

If you’re still paying to watch any type of live sports whether it be NBA League Pass, NFL RedZone, or a UFC pay-per-view, YOU BUGGIN’.

We live in the age of the internet and until net neutrality comes through and cooks everything, you can watch literally any live event in stunning HD. Services like Twitch allow people to share live content and while most of the times they’ll get cracked down on for copyright reasons, there’s always those streams that slip through the cracks.

One live streamer (who is clearly a veteran in the game) pulled off one of the most amazing streams of all time when he broadcasted UFC 218 from his channel all while appearing in the bottom right corner as if he was playing that shit. You know, just in case someone from UFC was peeping for any funny business.

The level of genius here is astounding. The man who goes by AJ Lester immortalized himself as an internet legend for his heroics and after going viral, I don’t see why the UFC wouldn’t set some sort of partnership up with him where he does this for every fight night event.

With his controller in hand, he was really clicking all the buttons to make it look like he was playing EA Sports UFC 2. This stream is beyond legendary and if there was ever a Hall of Fame for Twitch streamers, this dude would be first ballot ju heard.

In all seriousness, you know the UFC is gonna crack down on his shit and probably get Twitch involved where he won’t be able to do this again. Hopefully his account doesn’t get banned and he doesn’t get locked up. Free my mans!

For those of you who don’t know, you can actually make bread from streaming random shit on Twitch like this. That is if you know WTF you’re doing.