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Who is Lil Skies? The PA rapper bringing back chill vibes to smoke to

Lil Skies is a 23-year-old rapper that’s on the come up with hit songs “Red Roses” and “Nowadays.” He recently received the cosign from LiL Uzi Vert and was invited to tour with him on his “Very Uzi Christmas” tour.

His music has a very different sound from what’s currently out right now — it’s very upbeat but chill at the same time. Lil Skies is from Wayne’s World, Pennsylvania and he is an avid weed smoker but unlike a lot of SoundCloud rappers in today’s scene, he doesn’t promote the use of hard drugs like molly, Xanax, Percocets, and Oxycontin.

Instead he advocates that people should just stick smoking loud instead.

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Lil Skies started recording music at the early age of four and has not stopped since. His father got him into the music and he’s been in love with it ever since.

Growing up in a rural PA town, there wasn’t much of a rap scene for him to draw inspiration from. In an interview with Highsnobiety he said,

“Yeah, we don’t have nothing. We don’t have a rap scene. We don’t have a fashion scene. We don’t have none of that shit. I’m definitely on back road shit for real.”

As a kid, he looked up to Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. Later he got into fellow Pennsylvania natives Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa but now says he draws a lot of the same energy as Travis Scott.

Thanks to social media, he was able to break out and show the world what he had. Skies continued to explain how the internet helped launch his career saying,

“I use it as an outlet to just give my music to the world, and that was my outlet of getting out of this small town that I was in.”

He recently released a video for “Nowadays” featuring Landon Cube and directed by Cole Bennet of Lyrical Lemonade which now has over 8 million views in just a week.

The song talks about how they are both dealing with their newfound fame and how it’s affecting both of their lives. They don’t know who to trust anymore and it’s a real look into what shit is like for kids like them. The hook goes:

Nowadays I’m too cool for a girlfriend
Nowadays I don’t know when the world spins
Live your life like we die when the world ends
So it’s alright every time we fuckin’ break a sin
Nowadays shit’s not the same
Life switch lanes, now these hoes act strange

Lil Skies also has some bangers the has yet to make music videos for like “Lust.” In the song he sings on the hook and reveals that he’s found a lot more lust rather than love on his journey through success so far.

He sings about the girls he’s had coming through to his crib to smoke and chill but he realizes that they only want him for his clout and not for who he actually is.

Skies gets straight to the bag and he doesn’t care about the people saying that he switched up on them. All he’s focused on is making great music, smoking his loud and making money all while chasing his dreams.

His music video for “Red Roses” has gotten the most traction on YouTube with 17 million views so far and counting. The track talks about how people who he once trusted ended up betraying him and how he lost trust with people overall in his life.

In the track he explains how that now his music career is taking off, people either turn their back on him or hit him up because he’s poppin’.

He repeatedly says on the song that he refuses to give handouts to people. He talks about how if he dies he wants to buried with red roses, some art and Backwoods so that he can spark one with God himself. He goes off on the track saying:

Red roses on my grave, bury me with art
And with some Backwoods and a lighter just so I could spark
If you looking for a handout get the fuck out my face
I don’t care about no friends because they all were just fake

As of right now Lil Skies does not have an album out but he most certainly is working on it because he is constantly putting out music.

So what’s next for Lil Skies? In an interview with Highsnobiety he said,

“Definitely a music video, whole bunch of music videos. A lot of new music. I got a mixtape coming early January, ‘Life of a Dark Rose’. Hopefully a Lil Skies tour early 2018. I’m trying to do a overseas tour too.”

If he’s already getting invited to tour with Uzi in the short time he’s been making music, then he’s definitely well on his way to becoming one of the next big rap stars of this generation. He just needs to stay true to himself and keep doing what he’s doing.

We can’t wait to see what he does in future and where his music will take him.