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Who is LA Rodriguez? The artist who’s not taking himself too seriously

As the common saying goes, music and laughter are the best medicine. But what happens when you mesh the two?

Well, if you’re searching far and wide for the answer, get an earful of LA Rodriguez‘s music, and you’re guaranteed to find out. 

Little Alex, a.k.a LA Rodriguez, is an artist who serves playful banter in his lyrics. In the same fashion, he uses his life experiences to provide fans with insight on what to do in particular scenarios.

He does all of this while taking on the roles of different characters, just like The Weeknd. Not to mention, his sound takes on various forms. Without delay, the beat blends multi-genres with lively elements. 

LA Rodriguez’s moniker stems from his government name and his height. At the same time, LA Rodriguez wanted his name to be akin to Lil Wayne or Lil Uzi. Initially, LA Rodriguez was behind the scenes, music-wise.

But eventually, he decided to implement his life experiences into his artistry. Along his musical journey, LA Rodriguez has been learning how to play different instruments like the piano and bass. 

To add, he’s inspired by music itself. “I’d be empty without it,” LA Rodriguez adds. Before the musician hops in the booth, he panics because he hates the sound of his voice, all while chugging down a few Red Bulls.

His overall message is to show that it’s no gimmick. “I like getting to the point and leaving listeners on edge,” he continues. To summarize, he wants to relieve fan’s stress and keep his musical compilations lighthearted and fun. 

LA Rodriguez’s latest song, “Mexico,” is a dreamy pop offering with trap arrangements. Likewise, its led by a warm guitar loop and knocking 808’s. The lyrics at hand see LA Rodriguez speaking about a love affair that goes awry. 

Oscillating between a bouncy and singsong cadence, the musician unveils why the relationship didn’t work out. “She trynna spend up all my dough,” he sings in autotune along with “I’ve seen this time and time before/She need lines and lines of coke.” 

As the song goes on, LA Rodriguez also admits to having some wild nights. But that’s all behind him now. If he’s being honest, the “It’s Just My Love” artist is happy about the split.

From then on, LA Rodriguez aimed to leave immediately if a situation becomes sour. The song is inspired by the guy he used to buy paraphernalia from. “Mexico sold something that an acquaintance of mine was invested in,” he adds. “They were spending all my money.” 

To add, LA Rodriguez released a single called “Necklace” as well, which sees him using braggadocious rhymes about his exclusive drip, ways with women, and jewelry.

Additionally, the singer/rapper details how his negatives turned to positives. “25 scheming all day and I’m tryna get paid/Had a rough but I’m laughing on the way to the bank/I’m down, and I’m down, and I’m down/But I’m not gon’ stay,” he sings in a soft autocroon. The song features Elle Gray and carries an R&B beat with trap elements. 

Moving forward, LA Rodriguez will drop a project called Don’t Drive Drunk. He advises upcoming artists to go all in. “Make as much as you can,” LA Rodriguez adds. 

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