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Paying homage to the square with clothing brand Vestige

Anybody can wake up and throw a tee shirt on, slap a few pantlegs together and tie up some loosely knotted sneakers and call it an outfit. The real big-steppers who don the most drip take their time piecing together intricately woven fabrics that comprise a carefully constructed fit. Look no further for this than Vestige Brand.

Vestige thus plays right into the role of artistic imagination by granting its customers customization options and truly putting the ball in their fashionable court.

We wanted to get to the bottom of their well-calculated artistic-minded output. So we got in touch with the founders, Kyle Derleth and Mark DiMuzio to see if they would try some of these questions on for size. 

Vestige Brand and the art of positive design

KH: People want the liberty and choice of bodily autonomy. How does your company increase body positivity and allow consumers to stand out from the crowd?

Vestige: We love that the right clothes can make you feel amazing, but there are no wrong clothes. VESTIGE doesn’t ask people to stand out from the crowd, we tell them to stand where they want. Graphics are our cup of tea (no pun intended), if they’re yours, we’re here for you.

KH: If you had to compare your T-shirt fabric softness to the skin of an animal which one might that be?

Vestige: Graphic tees aren’t traditionally THIS soft, so we’d have to say an animal whose softness kinda takes you by surprise. Like you go to pet a giraffe and are like, ‘Holy crap this thing is buttery soft.’

Vestige Brand sets itself apart

KH: How does your product differ from one I might find on the boardwalk?

Vestige: Boardwalks are notorious for souvenir shops selling lame graphic t-shirts. Our sophisticated graphic tees make you look like you own all the souvenir shops and are chilling next to the boardwalk on your yacht. 

KH: What type of consumer do you hope to attract? Who is your target audience?

Vestige: We’re here for everyone who grew up loving graphic tees and want their graphic tees to have grown up with them.

vestige brand
Co-Founders of Vestige Brand Kyle and Mark (Cred: Mr. Magazine)

A look into the precise style

KH: Are all products customizable? Or just the graphic T-shirts? What are all my customization options? 

Vestige: We spent over a year creating our customization program for the brand and Homage to the Square is our first customizable tee. Soon you’ll be able to customize other artist-created graphic tees, and we can’t wait to give our customers more of these experiences. 

This Homage to the Square collaboration is being done in partnership with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, and we’ve taken great care to match the spirit of Josef Albers’ color theory with the customization experience. Our customers can experiment with color combinations and play with color palettes inspired by the iconic series. 

Homage to the Square is one of the most recognizable series in modern art. Albers began the series in 1950 and over the course of 26 years, created hundreds of variations of the classic composition. While at first they seem simple, each one is made up of a unique color palette and order creating a dynamic interaction between the colors, influencing and changing each one. 

While at first they seem simple, each one is made up of a unique color palette and order creating a dynamic interaction between the colors, influencing and changing each one. 

Vestige Brand

KH: How does Vestige represent modern design and simplistic open-ended concepts?

Vestige: We represent modern design by offering art-inspired customizable tees and providing artistic freedom for our customers. 

The overarching theme throughout this conversation comes down to purely raw artistic ability. Having the choice to infuse art into your wardrobe is what Vestige makes readily available.

Elaborate and accessible artwork like a modern museum

KH: What is the importance of geometric simplicity? What is minimalism’s global appeal?

Vestige: Geometric simplicity and minimalism are beautiful. Their appeal is that you instinctively know how you feel when you see them. For example, if you see a whole forest you might not know what emotions it’s making you feel right away, but if you see a single tree in the middle of a field you know how you feel about it without hesitation. 

albers foundation
MoMA x Albers Nesting Tables (Cred: Albers Foundation)

KH: How does Vestige enhance interactions of color?

Vestige: By letting users experience the fun of experimenting and playing with color— and personalize their own unique Homage to the Square. People around the world have enjoyed and been inspired by Homage to the Square.

Michelle Obama displayed Study for Homage to the Square: Asking in the White House Old Family Dining Room when it was refurbished in 2015. We’re excited to let users experience this masterpiece in a hands on way. 

Vestige believes that we should value our bodies much like we would preserve items with sentimental value. If you cannot imagine tacking elaborate art in your house, then why wear something tacky on your body?

Vestige Brand

Simplicity and relatability in the brand

KH: Describe the importance of sleek design and a clean simple interface – how does this symbolize and represent the crux of your brand?

Vestige: We believe graphics should be works of art. The art we own that tells the world “this is us” is clean and simple. Our t-shirt philosophy is: if you wouldn’t hang it on your wall, don’t hang it on yourself.

vestige brand
Vestige Field Journal (Pinterest)

KH: Are there any other countries that have an influence on your brand? Also, are there any other areas besides the U.S. that you intend on having large volumes of sales? 

Vestige: We’re inspired by good art and design wherever we find it. And outside the United States? Yes, we are looking to expand internationally over the next year, especially in Europe & Canada.

Pay homage to the square below

This company sets out to provide sustainable clothing that is sourced as works of art.

They are client-friendly forward-thinkers who believe that breaking the fourth wall can bring a lot of significant benefits.

Vestige knows exactly how to touch base with the modern consumer. Check out their products and feel free to update your wardrobe by paying homage to the square, here.