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Meet Julietta, the NYC songstress mesmerizing the industry and your heart

Hailing from the Upper East Side, Julietta, (real name Julia Libani) is a candid New Yorker emerging into the music scene, captivating the ears and hearts of everyone around her.

Breaking out into the spotlight, the songstress is going places, and leaving a sandy trail of beach-vibe waves in her wake.

Kulture Hub caught up with the up-and-coming singer to talk about her career thus far and her plans for the future.

Julietta credits her childhood in New York City for giving her the “push” that inspired her to work towards launching her music career.  

“Being born in New York definitely gave me a unique spice as an artist. I think it made me super confident (at least more so than if I were to be raised in a small town) because I’ve been around the arts and the ‘stars’ for ever – and they aren’t far off reaches for me, they are my neighbors and my reality.”

In front of the camera, Julietta is captivating, but it’s her music that dazzles her audience.

Silky, electronic tunes move along the rhythm of her vocals, lapping over funky, pulsating pop in a recent drop, “Runaway.”

“Runaway” was remixed by Brooklyn band Yeasayer who are best known for their experimental rock single, “I Am Chemistry.”

The result is a chill combination of looped musical measures following a steady electro-beat.

Julietta sings,

Searching for the right things to say / Let it go, let it spill into my mind / I promise I will help you realize / I’ll runaway with you / And everything you wanna say to me / I’ll take it anywhere for you / I’ve been looking for the way

Her lyrics have been described as “mature, yet infectious,” by Clash Music resonating with her listeners on a conscious level anyone can relate to.

The effortless talent of this songstress is a natural attribute and comes deep from the depths of her upbringing. Julietta first identified her creativity as a kid, as she would put on shows for family members.

“Setting up little plays in the living room for my aunts, uncles and grandparents was the highlight of our night.”

As a child, she went to an Italian school on the Upper East Side without a theater or musical program that allowed her to put her creative talents into good use.

When she’d reached high school, Julietta ended up enrolling in a musical theater class, not considering the potential of this decision at the time,

“I went to the Italian school on the Upper East Side – they didn’t really have a theater or music program, so I wasn’t able to explore further ’till I got into high school. As soon as I got into American school, I dove in. But never did I think I would be pursuing it as a career!”

It’s no surprise Julietta’s music taste is a multifarious sweep of genres. Her inspiration goes from Avril Lavigne’s lighthearted punk-pop overtures to John Lennon’s psyche-political vibrations, and everything else in between.

Her tastes are infused into her singles, with psychedelic undertones lining her sound.

She cites Fleetwood Mac amongst her musical influences, Audrey Hepburn for her aesthetic, and enjoys fresh beats like Billie Ellish’s “Bellyache” and Maggie Roger’s “Alaska.” She told us of her influences,

“Cher in her sparkly style, Audrey Hepburn for her innocence. The Beatles for fun nostalgic jams- I grew up on the street where John Lennon lived/got shot, so always been listening to him and his fans in strawberry fields.”

Julietta’s free spirit and confidence drive her personable lyrics, as “Runaway” allows us to peak into her always active mind.

She told us that the different experiences she’s been through have only fueled her creativity so far as she’s follows her career path in life.

“I am all about getting out there and making myself uncomfortable in the world, so I can find that comfort and new experiences through that push. I can’t stand living the ‘normal’ life – I need to move, run, write, sing and, feel.”

Julietta’s been recognized for her talent by others in the music industry, such as Stray Echo, who boast a “zero restrictions” policy of experimenting with music, and has been working with the singer-songwriter for years.

Making friends in the music industry comes naturally for the singer. Upon meeting friend/colleague Jack Goodman in Los Angeles last year, Julietta promises powerful forces at work and plenty of dancing to come.

“We are now working with Ross from St. Lucia who also rocks and is super talented. Can’t wait for you guys to hear what we cooking up.”

Julietta leaves her growing fanbase with the second promise: That her next single will be released before the 2018 new year reigns in.

Julietta concludes our conversation with some sage advice, saying those who lack confidence in their abilities to hustle on, even when you aren’t acquiring desired effects.

She told us about following your passions in the music industry:

“Always follow your intuition, not your fears. Learn the difference – and stay strong. There will always be someone who you consider ‘better than you’ at it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t bring a unique vibe to the world. Sometimes it just takes some time and practice to see it.”

We can’t wait to Julietta has in store for us next.