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Jay Electronica releases surprise new track, dedicates song to KD

Ayy, remember Jay Electronica?

Your freshman year weed dealer’s favorite late 2000’s mysterious rapper is back, dropping “Letter to Falon” last night.

The song was apparently inspired by Kevin Durant, or Jay was inspired to release it because of Kevin Durant… either way he credits KD for helping him release the track.

Jay also tweeted this morning that “Letter to Falon” was dedicated to people “pushing forward through adversity, hard trials and hate from the naysayers”.

Jay Electronica burst onto the scene in 2009 with his “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C” singles. Both tracks were produced by Just Blaze and the rapper from New Orleans was immediately held up as the new poetic prophet of hip-hop.

Jay-Z signed Electronica to Roc Nation in 2010, causing a whole stir on twitter as there was supposed beef between Diddy, Hov, and Electronica over the signing.

Then… nothing.

Jay Electronica becam known for his lack of releases as opposed to his actual music. Jay Electronica went from one of the most hyped artists in hip-hop to a punchline for rappers that were unable to turn that hype into success.

It’s good to see Jay Electronica back releasing music.

The song “Letter to Falon” itself seems pretty much what we would expect from Electronica. With production and songwriting help from The Bullitts and Paul Epworth, Jay spits some bars about his struggles over driving Kanye drums and a two-note piano arrangement.

It’s cool, it’s solid. Is “Letter to Falon” worth the 8 years of hype and controversy that has surrounded Electronica’s career since Exhibits A & C? No, probably not.

It’s hard not to feel bad for Jay Electronica, it seems he was sort of chewed up and spit out by an industry that can be endlessly unforgiving.

Listen over at Tidal or via the download link Jay Electronica provided in his own tweet and decide for yourself whether or not Jay Elec has rewarded your patience.