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Jack Harlow explores what makes a good concert with Red Bull

Ever wonder what a Jack Harlow concert feels like?

We may be in a year of a pandemic, no large gatherings, and odd glances every time you get too close to someone, but life won’t always be like this.

Concerts make too many people money to halt completely, and they give too many fans memories they will never forget. Plus, innovators always find a way. And still, luckily, we can get a taste of what concerts used to be like.

The “What’s Poppin'” rapper spoke to Red Bull Music about his highest moment at a concert ever… and his lowest. On ‘Highs and Lows,’ Harlow elaborated on gigs that were memorable, for both good and bad reasons.

The Lows

The lowest, the Louisville native explained, was a time in 2018 in Milwaukee, WI, when there were “probably seven people in the crowd.

There was one dude by himself… he had his hands in his pockets, and he was just staring at me the whole show. There was just this unspoken feeling of ‘wow this bitch is empty.'”

Harlow also explained that a high-school kid was bugging him all set for a chance to come up on stage. Soon as Harlow caved and he came up, breathing heavy on the mic, the kid couldn’t rap.

The Highs

Okay, so that was the low. But in April, 2019, Harlow got to experience his best gig ever. The best Jack Harlow concert, according to Jack Harlow, occurred when fellow Louisville-native Bryson Tiller joined him on stage.

On the waterfront, packed with thousands, Tiller surprised everyone by popping out on stage.

“He just turns the whole energy of the field up, the whole energy of the waterfront,” says Harlow.

“It was just one of the greatest nights of my life ’cause it was the first time I got to bring out a legend for the city.”

The euphoria and purpose, as Harlow described it, was validating for him. As much as this short episode from Red Bull Music was a fun and jovial thing, it also provided viewers with a unique context into the life of an aspiring superstar.

Highs and Lows

With delightful animations accompanying Harlow’s words, Red Bull Music really stunted on this video. To get a glimpse inside the mind of a rapper, and one ascending so quickly, was extremely cool.

Will we see an even worse Jack Harlow concert in his career? Unlikely with his star rising… but still possible!

Will we see an even better one? Let’s hope so…

Tune into the whole episode below.