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Shoutout to Macy’s, who are launching an Islamic women’s line for the culture

Macy’s made fashion history the other day when they partnered with Verona Collection, an Islamic boutique that caters to different types of women’s clothing styles, from conservative to casual-modest.

On February 15th, the Macy’s website will launch the line, which includes hijabs, shirts, pants, and most importantly, abayas, the traditional cloak Muslim women wear.

The Verona Collection was chosen to be part of The Workshop at Macy’s, a program aimed at business development and mentorship for minority-owned businesses.

“The Workshop at Macy’s, our company’s first business development program, was launched in 2011 to foster growth in the next generation of minority- and women-owned merchandise suppliers. Conducted annually, this program is a foundational element of our commitment to vendor diversity.”

101 businesses have successfully “graduated” from the program, with major boosts in financial success.

Founder of Verona Collection Lisa Vogl is excited by the collaboration and says this will be a great way for women of an entire community to express themselves.

Vogl is a single mother whose fashion photography work has appeared on a couple of online publications. An Islamic convert herself, the idea for the brand came while shopping for clothing to suit her needs — she was rarely able to find comfortable and cute conservative pieces.

“Verona Collection is more than a clothing brand. It’s a platform for a community of women to express their personal identity and embrace fashion that makes them feel confident on the inside and outside.”

In 2016, Vogl opened a women-only attire store in Orlando, Florida. Since then, her company’s brand has grown tremendously over the past year and a half.

Her brand is worldwide, reaching locations in department stores across major cities in the U.S. Her exposure has lead her to an unveiling at the Macy’s Herald Square location in New York City.

According to NY Times, consumers spent “$254 billion in 2016 on Muslim clothing” and is “predicted to be worth $373 billion by 2022.”

No doubt both Macy’s and Vogl made the right choice.

I have to say, it will be extremely refreshing to walk through Macy’s and see a such a strong statement of diversity hit the rack. It may take some getting use to, but that’s the only way to ensure a complete change in our clothing retailers.

What a great step in the right direction.