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5 things smart people all low key do the same, according to science

People always imagine themselves as a smart person.

With that said, what are the true characteristics of a smart person? Do those same characteristics line up with your personality and lifestyle? Let’s find out.

There are several studies that can let you know if you truly hold the attributes of an intelligent person.

No need for an IQ test homie, we have the information you need for your intelligence analysis.

Smarter people get shmacked

Could it be true? Does the sour makes your brain stronger? Maybe not, but scientists have found evidence correlating high childhood IQs with cannabis use.

In other words, the higher a person’s IQ, the greater chance they’re going to get high. Ayye!

According to a British Cohort Study, people with higher childhood IQs would be more likely to use cannabis by the time they hit 30. The groundbreaking evidence was found after researchers conducted IQ tests on 8,000 individuals.

The test subjects were tested on four different occasions at the ages of 5, 10, 16, and 30. So the research is valid AF. But scientists still don’t know why the correlation exists.

Their guess – smarter people might be more open to new experiences, such as new modes of thought and consciousness that the sour can provide.

Maybe that’s why billionaire Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft, was one of the first to invest in the cannabis industry. Microsoft’s partnership with Kind Financial proves that Gates wants to ensure that we are inhaling intelligence legally.

Smart people have potty mouths and walk around the crib naked

Having a potty mouth might piss your grandma off but a study shows that people that curse have higher IQs.

The study was published in the Personality and Individual Differences Journal and conducted by researchers from the University of Rochester.

Researchers asked 1,000 people about 400 everyday habits and cursing topped the list of habitual things smart people do.

Another habit people with high IQs picked up was walking around the crib buck naked. I guess with great intelligence comes great profanity and nudity?

Smart people are better off alone and with few friends

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No new friends, no new friends no, no, no. According to a study, the happiness of an intelligent person is affected by population density and friendships.

The research surveyed 15,000 young adults and concluded that although socializing might be important for most, people with higher IQs don’t fuck with it.

The study also claimed that this conclusion can be based on the evolutionary patterns of humans. Intelligent people adapt and with technologic advances, people are being less social.

Research from the study also formulated the theory that intelligent people want to focus more on self-success than socializing.

Go and get yourself some money.

Smart people are the funniest people

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Are your friends not getting your jokes? They might not be smart enough to understand them. According to a recent study,  funny people have higher IQs than their less comedic peers.

Austrian researchers found that people with higher IQs tend to have a resiliency to mood blowing jokes. They scored lower in mood disturbance and aggressiveness.

Also, dark humor is poppin’ among the smarties. The research argues that it takes both cognitive and emotional ability to process and produce humor. some people just don’t have that.

Smart people are actually stupid

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The smarter you are the more shortcuts you might be inclined to take. This can lead to many errors.

study suggests that, in many instances, smarter people are more vulnerable to thinking errors. The research tested 482 undergraduates using a questionnaire featuring a variety of classic bias problems.

According to  an article from the New Yorkerthe research brought to light an interesting meta-bias – “the blind spot bias.”

In other words, “we excel at noticing the flaws of friends and inability to spot those same mistakes in ourselves.”

Damn, I guess we cant get ahead of ourselves. Stay sharp homie.