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Insecure season 2 is over, but what if Issa, Lawrence and Molly lived in NYC?

With the season finale of Insecure, I couldn’t help but think what would happen if Issa was an East Coast shorty.

I have to say the writing of the show is so candid and true to our culture regardless of location, but New York would provide such a twist in terms of setting.

Cali is definitely a vibe, but I couldn’t help but think that things would have panned out a little differently if Issa was being awkward in the Tri-State. I decided to do some wishful thinking…

Issa would definitely be a BK shorty…

Normally, Issa is wearing a screen tee, a camo jacket, and converses. I wanted to reimagine what her life in timbs would be like.

However, now that she’s single she’s definitely stepped her game up. I can see her being a Brooklyn transplant, commuting to the Bronx every day trying to make a difference. Daniel would probably be┬áposted up at SOB’s for every showcase possible.

I could see Harlem being her and Molly’s playground for sure.

While Lawrence would be typical NYC scumbag…

Lawrence is just so damn emo. I can see him in a beanie reading coding books at the park on his off days.

That moment when he went to get his mail from Issa could have easily translated to him asking to see their shared dog instead.

He’s still sharp in his delivery, so I could definitely see him being a developer for a financial company. Wall Street Lawrence seems appropriate.

“Son, are you deadass?” Can’t you hear him saying that to Issa after finding out about Daniel?

And Molly would be all over the place in the big city!

Molly is coined up and all over the damn place. She’s done everything from a married man to a gay guy. She can’t seem to catch a break with love.

She would fit right into the NYC dating scene. Something tells me she would be at all the mixers being mixy and making terrible life decisions in the Big Apple. Again, she would do so well on the Harlem scene making moves with Issa.

I see her going home to her crib on the water in Edgewater somewhere. Mad comfy. Oh, Molly. You’re so messy, but we embrace that on this side. It’s character building.

Yo, Issa. No shade to the west side. I love seeing Cali life in this light, but if you guys decide to go to NYC, hit up the Hub and we’ll help you out.