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How to help fund ‘SUGAR’, the dramedy about real sex workers in the city

There’s a new show looking to hit screens soon called SUGAR. The dramedy is about four female best friends whose common thread is the strip club where they work. The goal of SUGAR is to break the stigma of sex work and show the realities behind the fantasies.

It’s inspired by the unique world of stripper work and based on the lives of four women who have inhabited that world, Erika Flynn (Kika), Palmar Kelly (June), Sydney Benjamin (Rory), and Amanda Geiling (Mandy). All four women have something to say about the environment they work in and look to tell all in SUGAR.

Each night they clock into the strip club and tuck their tampon strings into their thongs hoping to not only rake in large sums of cash but walk into a world that is more accepting of their realities.

Constantly Kika, Rory, June, and Mandy feel as if their realities were extremely misrepresented. Thus came the idea for the dramedy because these strippers felt like there was not one film or television show they felt they could relate to as sex workers.


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The unbreakable bond of women who work in the sex industry is what SUGAR is all about. The support these women show for each other is truly inspirational and unmatched by any other job where women work together. It shows the joys of working for yourself and being truly in love with your body and sexuality. The women of this industry and their stories have helped guide us through our young adult lives and we hope they can offer an unseen perspective to yours. SUGAR is not just for women and not just for sex workers, it’s for anyone who has ever felt lost, not valued, or ashamed of who they are. It’s for people who are pursing a dream and making a change. It’s for the scum bags who think that every stripper actually falls in love with them. And it’s for the mothers, fathers, and family members who still need a little help understanding why we absolutely love what we do. #SUGAR ❤️

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Presenting a more relatable and tangible narrative, SUGAR looks to bring more emotion and a sense of humor to the stripper profession as a whole.

In the pilot episode, Kika, Rory, June and Mandy’s diverse personalities and candid view on life, love, and sex work successfully bring an enlightened voice and tone to a world most have wanted to keep underground because the topic seemed taboo.


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Hoping to reach a larger audience and to be included in the feminist movement that has taken America by storm, SUGAR looks to begin a fundraiser for a higher budget pilot.

Pitching the series to TV networks will allow all four best friends, who met through sex work, to tell their stories the right way and inspire a greater conversation.

Peep their Indiegogo page here to help contribute getting this show on the map and watch the full trailer below!