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You’ll know if you’re a bigot after watching Joyner Lucas’ ‘I’m Not Racist’

If you thought that Joyner Lucas’ new video for his song “I’m Not Racist” is a passionate representation of a discussion between blacks and whites, then you missed the train.

This video is a revelation to those who are ignorant. “I’m Not Racist” places a spotlight on the bigots that blacks deal with on the daily and adapting to a white environment that is constantly fucking us over.

It’s easy to understand how Lucas’ creativity could be misconstrued. The music video opens up theatrically focusing on a white man wearing a red MAGA rapping Lucas’ lyrics.

As we are looking into the eyes of the bigot white man wearing the MAGA hat he complains about why blacks haven’t progressed as a race. He opens with these hard-hitting set of bars,

With all due respect
I don’t have pity for you black niggas, that’s the way I feel
Screamin’ “Black Lives Matter”
All the black guys rather be deadbeats than pay your bills
Yellin’ “Nigga this” and “Nigga that”
Call everybody “Nigga” and get a nigga mad
As soon as I say “Nigga” then everyone react
And wanna swing at me and call me racist ’cause I ain’t black
Well pound that then
Talkin’ about slavery like you was around back then
Like you was pickin’ cotton off the fuckin’ ground back then
Like you was on the plantation gettin’ down back then

This is all before we see the camera switch to see who the bigot is talking to. A young black man with braids rocking an Arizona Wildcats pullover varsity sweater.

The white man’s bars get more and more lethal as he throws haymakers ranting on about black fatherhood, selling drugs, his taxes paying for welfare, whites claiming Eminem, disrespecting the American flag, worshipping Tupac, and a lot more.

You come really close to wanting to slap this guy into the next galaxy, but at the end, he closes his verse, saying, “But there’s two sides to every story, I wish that I knew yours…I wish that I knew yours. I’m not racist, I swear.”

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Anticipating an angry rebuttal from the black guy the camera pans out to an image that shows both him and the fat and bearded MAGA hat wearing white dude split between a pole on different sides of a roundtable.

Focusing on the black Wildcats fan’s face he utters his first words in the discussion. He commences explaining his side of the story opening up with,

With all disrespect
I don’t really like you white motherfuckers, that’s just where I’m at
Screaming “All Lives Matter”
Is a protest to my protest, what kind of shit is that?
And that’s one war you’ll never win
The power in the word “Nigga” is a different sin
We shouldn’t say it but we do, and that just what it is
But that don’t mean that you can say it just ’cause you got nigga friends
Nigga, that word was originated for you to keep us under
And when we use it, we know that’s just how we greet each other
And when you use it, we know there’s a double meaning under
And even if I wasn’t picking cotton physically
That don’t mean I’m not affected by the history
My grandmomma was a slave, that shit gets to me
And you ain’t got no motherfucking sympathy, you pussy nigga!

This is all builds up to the epic scene where the black dude finally loses it and smacks that MAGA hat to oblivion.

My homie then goes on to address the issues with job search as a black man, flipping drugs to survive, how Tupac is a god, and the white disconnection from Black culture even though whites try to claim it.

Best believe Trump is discussed and shitted on, Eminem is embraced, and the white dude is called a cracker.

A lot of gems to be taken into consideration in this video. Don’t you dare think for a second that the white guy is right. He’s just a vessel used to depict a bigger issue — the fact that some people still think of blacks like this.

Listen and learn. This might be the most racially controversial video since Jay-Z’s “Story of OJ.”