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It’s an Icy Girl takeover! Why Saweetie will stay at the top of our feeds

The number one Icy Girl, Saweetie is not letting up, honey. I think it’s fair to crown her the “Quarantine Content Queen.”

She’s been consistently providing vibes all 2020 and the pandemic hasn’t slowed her up in the least bit. Her work ethic is giving college all-nighters, listening to this new tribe of rap girls, a new form of inspiration.

Sis is very much tapped in. Most recently, she dubbed herself the Beyonce, the Kelly, and the Michelle with her “Bootylicious” rendition for Halloween. Not to mention her fiercer Mystique look she bodied for the holiday as well.

Ga ahead, Saweetie!

It didn’t take long for “#Saweetaween” to trend either. She won Halloween before the Hocus Pocus marathons even had time to finish. Bey, herself can’t even deny the hot pink slay she served.

She dropped this on the culture just a week after breaking the internet with her rant on Birkin bags. On IG live with Quavo, the Icy Girl decided to impart some gems on the girls on making sure they are dating the right men.

“If he’s not getting you a Birkin, if he’s not paying for your bills, then throw that *** to the streets”

She absolutely stirred the pot with this one and the Twitter + IG streets ate it right up.

This timely speech was definitely foreshadowing the new song she just dropped with Jhene Aiko, “Back To The Streets,” where the Icy Girl details being with the wrong guy and spinning him back to the pavement.

Obviously, the average person can’t afford a $10K bag, especially when the world is in turmoil and the economy is seemingly depleting, but I’m here to speak for the Icy Girl fan club when I say she was clearly not telling chicks to break up with their man if he couldn’t provide that, exactly.

College girls are all about philosophy and it’s very clear she was simply trying to tell the girls to raise their dating standards.

Icy Girls aren’t for the weak-hearted

This is historically the rap girl culture. Lil Kim wasn’t playing when spoke on Chanel 9 boots. She was setting the tone for the Nickis, Cardis, Megans, and Saweeties to come.

We should all be assessing the happiness and appreciation we get out of our relationships based on our unique realities. In the Icy Girl’s reality, Quavo is indeed pushing eight figures, so yes Birkin bags are a sufficient way for him to show his love for his queen.

In short, make sure your king is sufficiently showing his appreciation for what fits within his budget.

If he is not adding to the pot, it might be time to put him up for review.

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Back To The Streets ❤️🍾 Out Now

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Saweetie gives more context on her philosophies in an “Icy University” series, where she teaches women how to match their energy and attract the established man they desire.

What more do you want from the number one Icy Girl?

I still remember the first time I heard “Icy Girl” It was an iconic moment in rap girl history for me. It was more than a vibe, it was a mantra, a way of life.

For once, I felt seen. An educated female rapper talking about goal setting?

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tap in 💅🏽 #PBM

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Then, I found out the good sis Saweetie was not only a college graduate, she went to USC. Dare I add that there is only an 11 percent acceptance rate. AKA, not just ANYONE is getting in.

Whether hardcore rap girls want to give Saweetie her flowers or not? She’s still going to grab the charts. No. 1 on Billboard to be exact. Saweetie is the first and only of her kind.

Get your Birkins, Saweetie!

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