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Should we be hype? Rick Ross is set to release memoir ‘Hurricanes’

By far the biggest boss that we’ve seen thus far, Rick Ross, or William Leonard Roberts, has already cemented his stature in hip hop. He’s topped charts, has a successful label, and partners in multiple businesses ventures.

But now, Rick Ross is writing a book.

Titled Hurricanes, the book offers a “vivid, dramatic, and unexpectedly candid account” of his come-up as well past controversies — from being a drug dealer to his stint as a correctional officer, which was a point of contention throughout his early career.

“My story has always been deeper than rap,” Ross told Entertainment Weekly in an interview.

“With this book, I wanted to go deeper than I ever have. I wanted to tell people about the life of William Leonard Roberts.”

Following the footsteps of Guwop, Ross tapped Neil Martinez-Belkin as co-author, who assisted on The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, which did well in its own right.

Hurricanes is expected to be released on Sept. 3 via Hanover Square Press, whose editorial director, Peter Joseph, tells EW that the book is far greater than your average tale of rags to riches.

“Most people know Rick Ross as a global icon, but few are familiar with his origin story,” he told the publication.

Hurricanes transcends the conventions of celebrity memoir to offer an intimate and inspiring portrait of an artist who at every turn defied the odds and continues to change the game.”

Here’s the book’s official synopsis: “Ross moves beyond the headlines, opening up about the experiences that inform his creative process. His upbringing in Carol City. His past as both a drug dealer and correctional officer. His scuffles in the streets and in the industry. The seizures. The drive-by shootings. The 2015 arrest on kidnapping and assault charges. It is a remarkable story of not only surviving the storms of life but reaching the highest levels of achievement in spite of them.”

Rick Ross has always been one for gems. You can peep his interviews, bars or even tweets, and he’ll give you game to chew on.  So a book detailing his life is undoubtedly bound to do the same.

First Gucci, now, Rozay — the trend of memoirs in rap is one that I don’t mind seeing at all.

Ross’s 10th album Port of Miami 2: Born to Kill, the sequel to his 2006 debut Port of Miami, is also expected to release sometime this year, which is looking to be a big one for the Grammy-nominated rapper.

Hurricanes is available for pre-order.