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Nicki Minaj calls out entire hip-hop industry for its sexist ways on Twitter

Two days ago, Nicki Minaj dropped some heavy tweets regarding sexism in the music industry.

“In any field, women must work TWICE as hard to even get HALF the respect her male counterparts get. When does this stop?” the hip-hop artist wrote.

This all started when rapper Russ tweeted this video:

He posted the video saying, “People needa put more respect on @NICKIMINAJ name.”

No doubt reflecting on the news out of Hollywood over the past couple of weeks, Minaj wrote out her feelings in a few tweets.

Nicki’s claims of sexism have hardly gone unnoticed. Twitter users showed their support for the rapper’s statement.

Others had their own opinions to share:

In a Time Magazine interview, Nicki spoke about the double standards of women and when it came down to women in positions of fame.

“You never know how much is too much — too much emotion, too much vulnerability, too much power. Everyone wants me to be something different. Women in the industry are judged more. If you speak up for yourself, you’re a bitch. If you party too much, you’re a whore. Men don’t get called these things.”

And she’s right. The double standard is real and puts a lot of strain on celebrities who put themselves out there, being judged while in the spotlight.

Nicki has been an advocate for feminist rights and equality for all sexes since her come up. Is she right in what she’s saying? Without a doubt in my mind.

Though these sentiments have long been hidden, Nicki is amongst the many women that are speaking up for equal rights, and exposure against those that want to silence their voices.

Nicki has been at the top of the hip-hop game for 10 years now, and putting respect on her name is the least anyone working alongside the starlet can do. Undoubtedly, she will continue to shine and rise to the top of her game.