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Guy who got mad at LeBron on the subway is being a total herb about it

Yesterday after shootaround at the Garden, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers rode the New York subway, many people on social media thought it was a funny little moment, but not everyone was pleased.

A fellow passenger on the train, James Michael Angelo, was filmed by LeBron James on social media and as LeBron pointed the camera at him Angelo responded blankly, “Can you not?”

It turns out Angelo… doesn’t know who LeBron James is and he was not too happy about being filmed first thing in the morning.

Angelo just didn’t want to be bothered. He told For The Win about his experience,

“I noticed a bunch of tall guys getting in the train, but I was listening to U2 and I didn’t want to be filmed.To be honest with you, they got on and they completely squished me and he was really unaware of his space.”

Apparently Angelo was still cranky and hadn’t had his latte yet,

“It was first thing in the morning. I hadn’t finished my latte and I didn’t feel like being filmed. Plus, it’s not good lighting in the subway.”

Ok, Angelo does make some legitimate points here. First of all, never speak to me on the train in the morning pre-coffee, I feel you on that Angelo, and secondly, the lighting on the subway is not the best.

Angelo posted further about the situation on his Facebook, he really did not enjoy LeBron and co.!

“So this morning I was on the train and out of nowhere a crowd of ENORMOUS basketball players got on the train and pretty much crushed me. The guy next to me kept nearly elbowing me in the face, I nicely asked him to watch my head. He wasn’t very apologetic. Then he decided to put me in his movie, and I hadn’t had my coffee yet. Thanks Lebron James.”

I mean, getting your space violated on the subway in the morning does suck, but come on it’s LeBron James. It seems literally impossible not to know who LeBron is but hey.

In other slightly related news, LeBron is king of New York.

You’re welcome.. 👑of NY #myfavoriteplayground #striveforgreatness🚀

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