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Alternative R&B artist Indira releases new visuals for ‘Heights’

Multi-dimensional pop & alternative R&B artist, Indira, brings a piece of her dreams and life experiences into every song she makes.

Her latest single, “Heights,” is no different. The smooth and melodic record is a perfect introduction to Indira’s music if you haven’t heard her yet.

Watch the video for “Heights” directed by Jessica Iris Dukatt here:

Indira explained how she came up with the idea behind “Heights” saying,

“I tend to romanticize romance. Stemming the excitement from a new spark. When I get intoxicated by the thrill of something or someone new. I let myself get swept away by the feeling – it feels like I’m floating. And from those sentiments, formed the song ‘Heights’.”

– Indira Evans

Growing up in Los Angeles surrounded by a creative community, she began composing melodies at the age of 4 and developed a passion for her craft over the years. When she turned 20, the opportunity came and she moved to NYC to pursue her dreams full time.

With her grandfather being Jimmy Gannon, an accomplished Jazz bassist who toured with legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Buddy Rich, it makes sense why singing, songwriting, and producing came so naturally to her.

For Indira making music is something that makes her complete saying, “I find I’m at my happiest and most centered when I’m learning about and working on music.”

“Heights” is a look into Indira’s passion, hopes, and talent. The visuals only elevate the art as music video director Jessica Iris Dukatt says,

“This video is the dreams that keep you up at night wondering about the person who may shape up as the strongest force in your life. This video is the paradise we hope to live in with our lover – before realizing that place does in fact exist on Earth. We built Indira’s castle, we filmed a dream, and we flirted with our divine femininity.”

– Jessica Iris Dukatt, Director

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