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Is Maluma’s hit song ‘Hawai’ inspired by his beef with Neymar?

If you live somewhere on earth, you have probably heard Maluma’s new single, “Hawai.” Just yesterday, the song hit number one at the Latin Billboards.

Since its release on July 29, the record has not failed to be in the spotlight, successfully grabbing the attention not only of Maluma’s fans but apparently, soccer fans as well.

Rumors have it that Maluma’s song, “Hawai,” is actually a message to his ex-girlfriend and model Natalia Barulich.

But is Maluma really that cringy when it comes to getting over breakups?

The song

The new Latin hit is the first single for Maluma’s fifth studio album: Papi Juancho, produced by Ruby Boy.

It talks about a “toxic” relationship that didn’t work out. The perfect “feel better” song for that ex you still love but is now with someone else.

Right at the start, Maluma sings “stop lying to yourself, I know the picture you uploaded was to make me jealous.” And it is said to make reference to a post-Natalia Bariluch made on Instagram a few months ago confirming her relationship with Neymar Jr — Maluma’s former friend and famous soccer player.

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Bonnie & Clyde 🔥💋 inside our new cover story for GQ shot in Paris out now ♥️ @neymarjr

A post shared by Ναtαlία Bαrulίch 🌹 (@natalia) on May 20, 2020 at 7:38am PDT

Interestingly enough, Bonnie and Clyde, which is what she added as the caption, are also the names of Maluma’s dogs.

But before rumors of the new relationship were confirmed, speculations of Natalia and Neymar’s relationship started right when the model took a “business” trip to Hawaii.

Can you guess who else was there?

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Beach baby 🌴 wearing @YordanaHernandez

A post shared by Ναtαlία Bαrulίch 🌹 (@natalia) on Jan 6, 2020 at 10:37am PST

Something that Natalia said herself just 7 months after the break-up during an interview with Danny Morrel’s for his podcast Evolve came to light.

The video makes things more explicit as she speaks of calling off the relationship because of how toxic things were getting.

Maluma’s song continues to talk about how although she might be okay with her new relationship, she is not as happy as she was with the previous one. “I know he treats you well but that does not change I was there first.”

Meanwhile, the video depicts Maluma’s flashbacks of the relationship and ends up with him crashing his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Not only does he ask for forgiveness, but also for the last chance to get back together.

Is the Latin Pop star really that desperate?

The facts

Although he claims otherwise, the facts might render rumors to be true.

Maluma and Natalia have known each other for some time as she had appeared in several of Maluma’s videos.

After “Felices Los Cuatro,” Maluma’s famous hit song, the two formalized their relationship. Natalia became a loyal companion for Maluma throughout his many tours.

Maluma had been very vocal about his passion for soccer. He was a big fan of both Neymar and Messi. They met at one of Maluma’s concerts in Spain and they quickly became friends.

So close was their friendship that in February of 2018, Maluma gave a private concert for Neymar’s birthday. That night, Maluma sang “happy birthday” for his friend, while Neymar took home Natalia’s Instagram.

By the end of the year, rumors about Maluma’s break-up with Natalia started to spark over the internet. And, in Paris Fashion Week 2019, the model decided to casually visit PSG stadium. Guess who was the tour guide?

She then returned after only a month, with no business excuse.

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a @Fendi kind of day 🖤 1, 2, or 3?

A post shared by Ναtαlία Bαrulίch 🌹 (@natalia) on Dec 13, 2019 at 5:12am PST

Naturally, the media spread the word of Natalia and Neymar being together. And in January 2020, Natalia took the famous trip to Hawaii.

(During that time Neymar was confirmed to be on family vacations in Brazil, but that’s something Maluma, nor the fans, knew at that time)

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Happy birthday to me 🤙🏽🤪 thank for everything my God ❤️🙏🏽 #Njr28

A post shared by ene10ta Érre 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr (@neymarjr) on Feb 5, 2020 at 2:39am PST

In February, Neymar’s annual birthday celebration arrived.

While Maluma was at his house, uninvited to a party he once was the star, Natalia posted another Instagram picture with a long white dress attending the party in France with the caption mentioning Neymar.

Is it hard to wonder why Maluma chose Hawaii to be the wedding place for the girl in his video now?

The hit

Although both Natalia and Maluma deny the rumors to be true, PSG players uploaded a video of them singing Maluma’s song.

Whether they were making fun of Maluma and defending their team member or just enjoying the song is unknown. And regardless of the rumors being true or not, there is no discussion that “Hawai” is the new Latin Hit.

It landed on the Top-10 Latin Songs and Maluma even gave an amazing socially distanced performance for the MTV VMA’s.

Either way, even if the song if not about Natalia and Neymar’s romance, it surely inspired him to break his silence.

So, should we thank Natalia for breaking Maluma’s heart and bringing Pretty Boy back on track?