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Hours after terror attack, New Yorkers come together at Halloween Parade

After a terrorist drove a truck onto a bike bath in downtown Manhattan yesterday, killing at least 8 people and injuring dozens others, New Yorkers responded in the only way they know how: keep on livin’.

There was some speculation that the annual Halloween Parade, which runs down 6th avenue in the West Village, would be cancelled just hours after a terror attack, but in typical New York fashion, the show went on.

Lois Beckett, a reporter for the Guardian US, was at the parade and asked attendees why they chose to come out to celebrate despite the day’s events.

This was the parade a couple hours after the attack

These chickens ain’t scared

Nemo isn’t gonna let terrorists stop him from thriving

‘We love being who we are’

Shoutout Alexandra

New Yorkers keep on living

This is a classic response from New Yorkers in the face of terror. Once people start adjusting their ways of life in order to avoid that possibility of an attack or violence, the terrorists win.

It’s a beautiful thing to see New York stand up to those who threaten our city and show that nothing will stop us from doing us.

Not only is this a direct response to terrorism, but New Yorkers also showed the rest of the country how to deal with tragedy and an attack on our people.

While certain factions of the country will respond to terrorism by claiming that we need to prevent people from certain countries or religions from coming to America, the realĀ American reaction to terrorism is to simply show that we won’t be scared into reactionist and xenophobic policies.

Just New Yorkers being New Yorkers.