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Vo Williams and Greg Hatton merge music and cinema in new mini-doc

Composer Vo Williams and cinematographer Greg Hatton have captured the creative process in a new short film titled MTM – More than Music.

The purpose of the black and white seven-minute project according to Vo is to “give people more of an in-depth look into the lyricism, the craftsmanship, the spirit, and the soul” of the music that he makes.

From the jump, you’re sucked into the visuals as Vo spits a “legendary” free while Hatton pans in and out of a white and ruffled metal backdrop.

“This is more than a game. This is my religion. Listen we are not the same. Ballin’s in my veins. Dominate your reigns. Melt your armor down into trophies for the king. Beast in a lane till I cease to remain. No off days when there’s seasons to claim. Everlasting pride for the temporary pain. You are now witnessing a legendary rein….”

Hatton continues to surprise the viewer throughout the short-film as his camera angles catch a passionate Vo on film. In a way, the footage becomes personal because the art these two have created speaks to your heart.

Vo and Hatton effectively have brought two worlds together (cinema and music) in order to tell a story and control the narrative in a very unique way. The rap sessions, rapidly moving hand gestures, urban backdrops, and intense facial expressions, shown in each shot, prove just that.

Vo explained the need for MTM – More than Music. He said,

“It’s really a deeper look into some of the music that you may have heard in television, movies, and video games and to give you more of an intimate connection to the craftmanship and the lyricisim. Also, the cinematography and the art that goes into the visuals of creating cinema. We wanted to deliver you the art and control the context of which you are recieving our art. That’s what More than Music is.”

Take seven minutes and get inspired. Why wouldn’t you want to see history in the making? The proof is in the closing bars.

Blood sweat and tears from the brave spirits. Those who paved the way keep my faith in it. Looking up at the posters of my heroes Cause it was impossible until they did it. May we build bridges, and break limit. Trying to make a better way when the day is finished. For the future, we winning if they winning. This is our story, I just want to leave a page in it. Focused like there’s no net beneath me and I’m walking on a high wire. Soul like a wildfire I don’t want it I need it, it’s beyond desire. This is where I climb higher and this is where you rise. This is where you shine. This is where you become the greatest of all time…History in the making.