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Move like a tour pro: 4 accessories every golfer should have

A golfer can only be as good as the gear that they use. And if you don’t have access or the means to work with a full-time instructor, there are tons of tools out there that will allow you to improve your game.

Some might be better for new players, while some could even be used by pro-level golfers trying to be more competitive. Let’s take a look at a few golf accessories every golfer should have, and how they could affect your game.

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Swing Coach Club

If you want to improve your swing, but don’t want to go to the drive every day to do so, one of the things you could do is invest in a swing coach club. This device, which goes over the head of the club, allows you to place a ball in the middle and identify problems with your swing. 

Just make sure you have enough space and swing as you usually would. By looking at the trajectory of the ball, you might be able to identify what you’re doing wrong and make adjustments.

A Golf Simulator

But if you’re truly serious about your game, you should definitely consider getting a golf simulator, like this simulator from SkyTrak for instance. You can go as big as you want with a projector and swing bay, or go with a monitor and swing net if you’re on a limited budget. A golf simulator also makes a great addition to any game room.

And what’s great about them is that you can also use the monitor in games. A great golf monitor will allow you to check for all sorts of metrics that could help you with your performance. This will come especially handy if you need to improve your choice of irons for instance. Evaluating distance is something that a lot of new players struggle with, and a good monitor will definitely help.

A Pocket Bunker

Nobody likes getting in a bunker. And once you get in, you want to get out as fast as possible. But it’s still a very important part of the game and one you have to practice. 

Most people don’t have the time to go to the nearest sandpit to practice bunker shots, however. This is where the pocket bunker comes in

This little octopus-shaped device is used by golfers of all levels and can help you practice bunker shots from wherever you are. By swinging on the legs, you’ll get basically the same feel as a bunker shot, and will be able to see if your shots are thin, fat, or perfect. And the best part is that you won’t have to deal with sand getting in your shoes.

High-Quality Putting Green

Every golf game ends on the green. But it’s still surprising to see so many golfers spend tons of money on great equipment and gadgets, yet they still don’t have a pro-level putting green at home. 

You won’t get the practice you need with one of those almost disposable fake turf greens you find everywhere. You have to find something that will replicate the real feel of the green. Some putting greens out there will have things like grain orientation with grass that is angled just as you’d find on any normal green. You’ll be able to putt against or with the grain and be better prepared for real putting situations.

All of these golf accessories should be on your list if you want to make the game more fun and hit a few strokes. Make sure that you give all of these a look, and see which ones could help you the most at the current stage in your development.