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Sincere Dennis

BK photographer Sincere brings NYC underground to life with moving pictures

If the eye is the window to the soul, what is the camera to the eye?

An extension to a lens that captures the living spirit in front of you. Brooklyn-based photographer Sincere is doing just that and bringing a new definition to what it means to have an “eye.”

The images that Sincere has caught using a retro, 80s-era camera are literally alive as he turns his flicks into gifs. His unique technique of capturing the upper-echelon of the artistic underground is unmatched.

Rolling through Sincere’s Tumblr portfolio, viewers will find an aesthetic that captures a rude and urban vulnerability.

We pulled up on Sincere while he was working at an event called No Ends NYC, which is hosted by Doperoots and A$AP Ferg’s Traplord brand in partnership with X-Games benefiting the Stoked Organization. The event is a wild intersection of rap music, extreme sports, arcade games, dope food, and good will.

Already at such a fly stage in his life, Sincere’s main focus is waking those who are still asleep. His focus on his work proves that he is a professional when it comes to his craft. Although your network is a huge factor when it comes to excelling in your career the quality of your work is what pushes you ahead of everyone else.

Sincere spoke on his tenacity and confidence,

“Connections? I have just started getting legit access to these events, 2-3 years ago I was finessing my way into these events. No one can stop you when you act like you belong there. Confidence, determination, and consistency have gotten me the connections I have today. When these people see you over and over again at these events they tend to ask the question ‘who is he?’ ‘What does he do?’ and then when they see the work I produce it pretty much speaks for itself. Even though some are still sleeping, I’m working on waking them up.”

Sincere has been in the photography game for some time now and has been attending events like No Ends NYC for over 7 years, snapping photos of people like Marty Baller, A$AP Ferg, and Wee Man.

Seven-plus years deep in the game and Sincere has just started to promote his brand NewNYer. Sincere’s main focus when he pulls up to an event is to be an original and creative centerpiece — that’s what the NewNYer brand stands for.

Fuck talking to someone when the music is blaring. Sincere is all about embracing the environment he’s in and using that vibe to help capture moments.

“I’ve been attending these events for 7-plus years and only till just recently have I taken advantage of the networking aspect of said event, I go to these events to see/enjoy the performance and experience the things that are going on around me, not try talking to someone while loud music is playing I never seen the point in that. The statement behind NewNYer is to be original and creative.”

pop smoke gif

At any event, you can find Sincere at the best vantage point, sipping on Bulleit Bourbon (on the rocks), feeling out the vibes, preparing himself to encapsulate one event into multiple pictorial memories.

“When I go to an event to shoot I feel out the venue see what the best vantage points are for me to shoot and once I find the right spot I go to the bar and order a whiskey on the rocks preferably Bulleit Bourbon and I enjoy myself till its time to get work done. As far as my end goal, it’s just to get good photos.”

rihanna gif

Sincere is not trying to give up any of his baker’s secrets — yet. The BK-based shutterbug says his “eye” for turning still photographs into GIFs was inspired by the over saturation of lensman posers.

He explained just because you cop a fancy camera doesn’t mean you are a photographer, there’s more to photography than just buying a camera. Sincere uses GIFs as a way to separate himself from the masses,

“I see photography as over saturated pretty much like everything else in NYC. A person buys a camera and immediately wants to be seen as a photographer, having an ‘eye’ isn’t what it use to mean, which is why I searched for a way to separate myself from the masses buying DSLRs. I don’t see Gif images being the future but I do see it as a way to make my work look different from others, I took a step back and it allowed me to move forward because the camera that I use is from the late 80s they didn’t know Gifs were a thing of the future just like I didn’t know I could turn these images into moving works of art. I took my shot and I like where it’s going.”

Sincere is always looking to stay ahead of the curve. Hopefully, he will be able to bring inspiration to those looking to set themselves apart from the masses by just being original.

His wise words for the youth dem,

“Advice? Don’t be afraid to go and do something new even if it feels uncomfortable. You gotta step out of the box to progress mentally and physically. Coming from uptown I knew a lot of people who never left the block and they kept themselves in a comfort zone. I’m good at learning from other people’s mistakes.”

A wise man indeed. Stay on the lookout for Sincere’s GIF images and custom design t-shirts for his NewNYer brand.

Bless up!