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Tune into Gatekeepers of Truth: A collision of art and activism

Looking to further the discussion within marginalized communities Gatekeepers of Truth exemplifies unity in the face of injustice. The goal of the nonprofit activist organization: The Gathering for Justice.

This Tuesday at 6.30 pm, the group will host a livestream special “Gatekeepers of Truth” with guests: Danny Glover, Ebro Darden, and Carmen Perez-Jordan.

Gatekeepers of Truth presented by The Gathering For Justice and Hot 97

“Intergenerational dialogue is crucial to inspiring the future of activism. When we understand how our elders moved the needle, it gives us ideas for how to harness our creativity and energy to take it further,” said President and CEO of the nonprofit Perez-Jordan. 

The three hosts will talk about how artists past and present harness their art to promote black and brown lives amidst a legal framework built to suffocate them.

In collaboration with Hot 97 radio, The Gathering for Justice campaigners will discuss the harsh realities that children endure and racial inequalities that plague today’s judicial and prison systems. In a bid to effect positive change and spark conversations every one of us must-have.  

Today’s Hot 97 Gatekeepers of Truth live stream will see members of The Gathering for Justice organization come together in conversation on these topics. 

Perez-Jordan will guide the discussion, as The Gathering for Justice board member Darden and long-time organization friend Glover join in.

“I’m very excited to join Danny and Ebro in this special program,” said Perez-Jordan. 

The Gathering for Justice activist organization was founded in 2005 with two state-based task forces: Justice League NYC, and Justice League California.

They use “juvenile and criminal justice experts, advocates, artists and individuals who’ve experienced or been impacted by incarceration directly” in order to engineer change

The ideology of “nonviolence as a social application for systemic change and civic engagement,” is at the heart of these organizations. Gatekeepers of Truth only hope to further the discussion.