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Online Bingo Is Gaining Popularity In The UK But What About Sites Not On GamStop?

The UK had legalized most of the online casino games with the introduction of the license issued by the UKGC passed by the new Gambling Law.

All online casinos are asked to be registered with Gamstop, a widely recommended self-exclusion scheme to prevent overindulgence in gambling, leading to problem behaviours. 

Bingo is an extremely popular game in the UK which had been introduced in the 1960s as a pastime sport.

With the introduction of non Gamstop bingo sites, a diverse range of bingo games came into existence with new developments and types thus attracting more attention than before.

The UK alone has over 3 million bingo players alone. Gamstop does not let users freely deposit money into casino accounts and limits gameplay which restricts playing bingo.

Hence, players tend to go for independent, bingo sites that are not on GamStop which lets them participate in the gameplay without any restrains.

How do Gamstop Bingo Rooms Function?

The online casino sites need to be registered with Gamstop according to the new Gambling Law to prevent problem gamblers from registering on their site and to monitor the players who had a Gamstop account for a period of 7 years.

For this purpose, Gamstop demands information on users, like their personal data and employment details.

The extensive system of Gamstop effectively recognizes users and alerts casinos as well.

Active users of Gamstop get banned from using any casino sites while previous users have their details referred to casino sites for any further investigation. 

Gamstop casinos have a certain deposit limit that cannot be overstepped and there are limits to how certain games can be played.

The sites cannot allow frequent gambling or long hours spent gambling due to the imposed restrictions. These licensed casinos are also under the surveillance of Gamstop to detect signs of compulsive gambling. 

Reason To Choose Non-Gamstop Casinos

The casinos that do not conform to the regulations of Gamstop are referred to as non Gamstop casinos.

These are independent, legal online casinos that do not apply the rules of Gamstop on their sites and Gamstop users can freely gamble on these sites without restrictions.

The non Gamstop casinos are usually not under the UKGC or are located outside the UK. 

The central reason behind the popularity of these online sites is that the players do not need to deactivate their Gamstop accounts to play if they have one.

These sites neither ban nor block players and give them rewards and bonuses not available on Gamstop casinos.

Problem gamblers should not misemploy the opportunity to gamble but regular players who use Gamstop for practising self-restraint can occasionally use this chance and enjoy playing.

The ability of non Gamstop casinos to provide bonuses and rewards is connected to them not being on UKGC regulation.

Since the sites are independent, they are not required to pay taxes to the UK. They can therefore generate additional rewards not given by UKGC licensed casinos.

The lack of UKGC licensing also frees the independent sites from the surveillance of the UKGC and offers players the chance to bet on any casino game they want and however, much bet as they please. 

Non-Gamstop casinos are far more lenient compared to Gamstop ones and it is not essential for players to follow the strict UKGC rules, granting them an opportunity to experience playing unique and rare games which are not offered by the Gamstop casinos. 

Popularity Of Non-Gamstop Bingo Sites 

Bingo sites that are not on Gamstop are gaining in popularity due to the many benefits that can be reaped by players in form of bonuses.

Currently, the popularity of non Gamstop Bingo has soared to more than 80% in the last few years. This was a result of players seeking a substitute for Gamstop controlled online casinos. 

Since it is not very simple to terminate a Gamstop account before reaching the full maturity period and still being under monitoring after the completion of the time period, players choose to keep their Gamstop accounts while enjoying the advantages given by non Gamstop sites. 

The Bingo sites are also legal and safe for use even though they are not licensed under the UKGC because they have other valid licenses.

Therefore, questions about its legitimacy should not worry players. In fact, they have the same features as UKGC licensed bingo sites and other casinos under Gamstop with only the lack of the two but with more quirks and facilities.


Non-Gamstop casinos have gradually gained more fame in the UK and will continue to do so if they keep offering attractive deals.

These pose no real harm or threat to players unless problem gambling is involved which requires the intervention of Gamstop.

KultureHub recommends players enjoy the benefits of non GamStop bingo and other casino sites accordingly while keeping a Gamstop account.