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5 Tips And Tricks From Skilled Video Game Players

Video games have certainly come a long from the time of Mario Brothers and the hundreds of Contra games. They have become more accessible, but more importantly, their gameplay has changed dramatically.

FPS is a category that didn’t exist a couple of decades ago; now, look at any list; it is the First Person Shooter games that are dominating the space. It only goes that progress in the only consistency in the gaming industry.

But while the accessible part of the games is undoubtedly a plus point, with most of the games played and bought online, that does not mean everything is hunky-dory in the gaming world.

The rise in online players has made it an excruciating task for beginners to get into the game. Ask any battle royale player, and they will tell you the story of their disastrous first couple of weeks. But what can be done about this?

We have asked some of the top video game players, and they have given some simple advice that players can follow to the letter. You can also visit Sidegamer for the best tips and tricks from skilled video game players.

Adjust your game settings

The very first piece of advice starts with the player making some adjustments to their gameplay setting. It is not really a surprise that the game’s default settings are great when it comes to getting new players familiar with the game.

And they have to be otherwise, why would anyone spend any time on something they do not understand. But sadly, they are also quite limiting. It is almost certain that you would never be able to play using the default settings to your potential. So, make adjustments to the game settings that are more suited to your playing style.

Get that sound level down

We all have seen videos of gamers playing with music in the background and one-shotting every opponent they encounter. While it does look cool, most players are nowhere close to having such mastery over their gameplay.

When you play with your music, a small percentage of your brain starts paying attention to the music and not to the game. Something that is not a piece of good news when you are in a crunch situation and need to focus. So, yes, it might seem a small tip, but it can have a considerable difference in your game results.

Get on Twitch!

Yes, the experts certainly advise you to create an account on this popular video streaming platform. It is because Twitch attracts a certain kind of streamers on its platform – the gaming kind.

Yes, you can find hundreds if not thousands of professional video game players streaming their live gaming experience for their followers to see. Following these players will allow you not only to get the basic down of any game, but you could also pick up some cool new tips and techniques that can help your gameplay tremendously. So, get onto it immediately.

Play with better players

Another way you can learn and improve your skills in any video game is by playing with gamers that are better than you. Yes, it can be a daunting task to appear like a fool in front of better players.

But you would be pretty astonished to find just how many of these players are friendly and would offer guidance to beginners. Even by observing and mirroring their movements, you can learn things that would have taken you hours to get anywhere close. So, yes, do not be too shy and play with experienced players.

Do not neglect your physical health

You would often hear phrases like, “To get better in so and so game, you need to work on your concentration.” And that is true; we are not dissing such valuable advice. But you also need to keep your physical health in mind as well. A healthy body is vital for a healthy mind.

Neglecting your physical health will not get you at the top of the leaderboard chats. Focus on your diet, get regular exercise, and go on a walk from time to time, and you will certainly result in not just your physical health but mental health as well.

These are just some of the top advice given by skilled video game players. Follow them to the letter, and you will surely see a massive improvement in your gameplay.