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3 things I realized as a guy who went to the 2018 Women’s March

“Hey babe, would you like to go to the women’s march this year?” A question many “manly” men might dread hearing.

In answering YES, you accept an invitation to a nationwide event of women who are not only angry at the presidential incumbent but the inequality they face in everyday situations that would be hard for a man to relate to.

On the other hand, if you answer NO, your partner, who asked you to accompany them to one of the most important political events for women across the US, is going to know that you’re a misogynistic fuckface with no understanding of the female struggle.

That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? But fuck it, you say yes. Now you are committed to marching with woke NPOs, enraged political groups, and diverse communities all tight for one reason – they don’t fuck with Trump and his dangerous political agenda.

The day finally arrives and your stomach is filled with nervous butterflies. Your mind wanders, before you get out of bed, as you stare at the ceiling, thinking of what could go wrong, ‘Could this be the day all feminine felines clap back? What if I get lost and extremists kidnap me? Could I get trampled by mad girls wearing pink Timbs?’

You’ve never been so shaken in your entire life, but you know you have to do this. Your partner is excited and their excitement is actually making you more uneasy but you help her find her “Girl Power” hat.

Your partner is strapped to the tee in pink and you watch her look for the quickest route to the 2018 Women’s March Alliance Protest in NYC. You find one, and on the way there you see women come together in song on the train playing and singing to the tune of Woodie Guthrie’s “This Land is your Land”.

This beautiful sight reminds you that this event and these protestors are extremely human and deserve the right to have every ounce of their voices heard as they protest the injustices of the American government.

Pulling up to a sea of 85,000 people is never easy and knowing that five to nine million other people are participating you realize something…

Time’s Up and women need social change

At the march, you hear women chanting, “HEY! HEY! HO! HO! DONALD TRUMP HAS GOT TO GO!” A feeling comes over you and you find yourself with a fist in the air chanting along.

Why is this happening? You are finally feeling what most women across the US are feeling right now – fed up.

Women are fed up with their reproductive rights being threatened, they are tired of unequal pay in the workplace, and they are tired of sexual predators being able to obtain power.

Not to mention they are sick of environmental, civil, immigration-based, and LGBTQIA injustices. But most importantly women are sick of not being heard.

There is power in the polls

Power to the Polls” seemed to be the underlying message for this year’s Women’s March.

The slogan was powerful and left its mark. In fact, the hashtag, #PowerToThePolls, should never leave your mind. Especially once you find out what it was created to combat – the political deviants of this beloved country.

The #PowerToThePolls campaign is focused on combating voter suppression and making sure that all people who are eligible to vote can easily exercise that right.

The campaign was also directed to include those who were formerly incarcerated and even those individuals who don’t have a photo ID.

Let’s not forget how important voting is. Black women saved Alabama this year. Getting out there and voting prevented a child molester from becoming governor.

The future is femme across all generations

The most beautiful spectacle you saw at the march wasn’t the gorgeous signs with Trump hate scribbled all over them or even the unique outfits that had “very intricate” designs.

So, what was the most beautiful thing you saw? All generations protesting under one cause. Grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and granddaughters all together voicing their protest.

This should give us hope, knowing that even as children, young women are being taught to have their voices heard.

Let’s pray that we can all push forward as men and women, together, hand in hand. That’s the only way to take down a monster, by uniting. We can’t let him separate us. Remember, UNITED WE STAND, TOGETHER WE RISE!

Bless up and stay femme!