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Zonnique stays on her grind with new releases ‘Winner’ and ‘FTCU’

Zonnique’s journey as a young artist has been a full one. Her career began with a girl group call OMG girlz. You may know about her talent and story via the reality TV show “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” on VH1.

Being the daughter of talented and successful parents in their own right undoubtedly created a nurturing environment for the artist to grow into her own sound. I got a chance to talk to Zonnique about her latest releases as she grinds to create more projects.


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Creating during a pandemic

Amid an ongoing pandemic the 24-year-old TV personality and singer has been spending her days in Atlanta. I asked the star what she was doing to pass the time during stay-at-home orders.

“Just occupying my time and trying to stay creative, and learn a couple of things. I learned how to cook that’s my biggest thing during the quarantine.”

The artist is still staying on top of her game even though the music industry can seem difficult to navigate during uncertain times. Zonnique has kept her eye on the ball.

“Having people send me beats and stuff so I can just write, stay creative, even though I’m not leaving in the house.”

Zonnique’s music career on the rise

During our conversation, we discussed Zonnique’s OMG girlz group era. The group whose name is an initialism of Officially Miss Guided began in 2009 and was active until 2015.

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (Zonnique’s mom and manager) founded the group which included Bahja “Beauty” Rodriguez, Breaunna “Babydoll/JusBre” Womack, and Zonnique “Star” Pullins.

The friends have since gone on to launch solo careers. Zonnique shared her feelings on the transitioning process from girl group to solo act. Zonnique points to her shyness as the most notable change in the process.


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“It was just a lot of growing I had to do coming out of it, because in a group you can just always lean on your two group mates. Which was the case for me and just always having them was a big help for me. I was very comfortable that way.”

Zonnique has since steadily broken out of her shell. Something fans of the VH1 reality show have witnessed with Zonnique pursuing her solo career. She’s since matured as her own artist.

“I definitely had to do a lot of training and learning myself, find confidence and listen to my own voice on a whole song. And, you know, get better with writing and stuff like that.”

That maturity and growth have undoubtedly affected her recent releases. “Born Winner” and “FTCU.” Unlike many artists who often will do a full 180 to separate themselves from a former group act, Zonnique does not shy away from focusing on what she truly wants to share as an artist.

Her work improves but you can always count on it to sound like herself and not an attempt at generating shock factor. Zonnique emphasizes that her growth has been incremental with a natural progression.

“I wouldn’t say that there’s been a big, a big shift. I would just say that my new sound grows with me”

The inspiration behind the tracks

I asked the R&B artist what the inspirations behind her latest releases were. She responded highlighting her dedication to challenging herself musically and exploring her thoughts and feelings through songwriting.


“For FTCU I really just needed an up-tempo song. I’m really comfortable making slow love songs all the time. So when I went to the studio that day I was just like, ‘I just need something that girls can dance to. Like a party type song.’”

Zonnique explained that she asked her producer Jay Reed, to create a New Orleans type beat at which immediately brought the inspiration behind “FTCU.”


The song “Winner,” Zonnique explores a deeper meaning with the track’s lyrics. The song opens with a voicemail prompt and Zonnique’s message to her exes:

Here’s a message to my exes I hope that you learned your lesson
And I know that I left you sick when I packed up my stuff and left
So get well soon, I wish you good, could still be cordial but not that cool
You did me dirty, know that hurt me, long time, no you never deserved me


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I asked Zonnique about the track’s message and inspiration. She explained that the track explored feelings she’s had in the past that she didn’t feel like she could share through her music. With “Winner” she felt like it was time to share those past experiences through music.

“This was a song that I just wanted to speak on. Things that happened to me in the past that I never got out or expressed my feelings about… Doing music is how I express myself.”

Influences and collabs

Zonnique also gets inspired by fellow artists and legends in the music industry. Her interests span artists old and new, as well as across genres.

“I would say Brandy is one of my biggest inspirations. Missy Elliott, she’s so creative. I love her and Jhené Aiko, John Mayer and Ariana Grande. The variety [of inspiration] is wide range when it comes to so many different artists and different genres of music, but those are probably my mains.”

When it comes to collaborating with other artists Zonnique has several in mind.

“I would love to work with Rihanna. Jhené Aiko for sure. SZA, Summer Walker, Victoria Monet-I’m in love with her. Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, there are so many people.”

Zonnique promises her fans that she’s still working on new content and music videos. She’s looking forward to releasing a solid body of work as well as performing once the pandemic eases. Zonnique also left her aspiring artist fans some advice on their come up.

“Just work on their craft as much as you possibly can. Before you even try to just jump into the industry. Just really work and master your craft as much as you possibly can.”


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