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How ‘Rhythm + Flow’ rapper Felisha George is cleansing the mainstream

When Jersey’s local “wRap Queen,” Felisha George, drops an album you should prepare to experience two things: one a conscious work of art and two a celebration of blackness.

Wash Your Soul wholly embodies these two concepts and is expertly executed with an empowering message for all listeners.

This album is an amazing follow up to her recent appearance on the Netflix series Rhythm and Flow where she killed the mic several times.


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On Wash Your Soul George again channels the wisdom of her ancestors to speak truth to power and spread knowledge to her people.

“Blackkk Sheep” the first track on the album is George illustrating the black experience in America through complex flows and real talk.

In the track, she touches on police brutality, the KKK, mass incarceration, and even her own run for her community’s Board of Education.

George uses her flow to ride the beat effortlessly while tackling these heavy topics. The end of the track features an outro where George and friends discuss the tragic story of MOVE a black community that was bombed by the Philadelphia police in 1985.


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George also cleverly teases J.1.Da’s upcoming verse on the next track “Be Your Own People” in the outro of the song. “Be Your Own People” features George and J.1.Da both exposing the snakes in the grass that disguise themselves as friends.

They know that people who betray you are just part of the bigger plan and, in the end, make you a better person. The next interlude “Sweetest Treat” is a beautiful spoken-word piece by Shell Spin inviting all melanin beings to be aware of their environment and their energy.

The interlude reminds us that the media often pushes messages made to manipulate and distract us. It invites us to remember our own power as we fit the description of gods, not gangsters. From this powerful message the project smoothly transitions into the title track “Wash Your Soul.”

For the feature-track is George channeling her black queen energy to expand on the ideas introduced in the interlude. Wash Your Soul precedes to shower you with soul-cleansing vibrations from the instrumental to George’s lyrics.


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The story that she is able to convey on this track is one of strength and suffering that comes from our blackness. Though the world gets cold and looks to profit off of black people’s accomplishments there is still hope.

George reminds listeners that consciousness and learning are necessary to heal from our traumas is key to surviving the land of the gun. This track embodies the black experience in America and provides listeners with a few keys to unlock their power within despite the constant war to suppress it.

The rest of George’s album continues on with the praise of blackness, and self love through uplifting and inspiring lyricism. It’s not often today that you hear hip hop spreading the message of what a blessing it is to be black.

So please take some time to Wash Your Soul today and listen to this powerfully uplifting project by Felisha George which is streaming everywhere.

Stream Wash Your Soul below: