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God’s Plan: 10 times Fatboy SSE proved that he’s a man of the people

YES! Fatboy SSE, we see you giving back to those in need. You done came up and never forgot where you came from and that’s important.

Fatboy, you’ve been giving back to those who are hungry, those without clothes on their backs, and those without shelter from before you had your chips up.

When you were a kid you would give the shirt off of your back to anyone who needed it. Sheesh, you even used to carry socks in your backpack and give em away to the poor. Now that’s God’s plan.

You put it on for your homies too. If they breath is kicking and they don’t have that health insurance, what do you do? You take them to the dentist.

Name one IG comedian you see on social media paying a medical bill for their homies. I’ll wait… that’s what we thought. No young IG comedian is sticking to God’s plan more than Fatboy SSE.

Beyond paying for his boy’s annual dental checkup, Fatboy is down to throw the assist when someone confined to wheelchair needs help to get down the stairs. Plus he’ll even light up a backwood to make that said process even easier for you.

Are you waiter and have ever served Fatboy some food? Well, your lucky because he leaves the grandest of tips. You could be a waiter at a five-star restaurant or at a waffle house. It doesn’t matter, you know Fatboy will always hold you down with the big bucks. Shit, you know he loves those calories.

He keeps his ear to the streets too. Fatboy makes sure that the youth are aware what their life can be if they can manage to stay clear of the dangers that may lurk in their neighborhoods.

He’ll even throw some monetary motivation your way from time to time, kids. If you promise to keep your head above the clouds and be all that you can be. At the end of the day, Fatboy’s message is very clear,

“Stop hating on people. Do what you gotta do for your life. Grow, prosper, and love everybody. Succeed!”