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Who are the photographers capturing NYC winter style the best?

When it comes to winter street style, NYC runs the game, and photographers living in the Big Apple do their best to capture amazing photos as people rush indoors from the cold streets.

From that covert photographer navigating the cold NYC streets to that FIT graduate capturing their favorite fashionistas rocking that Big Drip, here’s our list of NYC photographers capturing winter street style the right way.

The Creator: Sincere Dennis

Better known as @i_amsin on the gram, Sincere Dennis constantly places the bar higher when it comes to photography.

Ducking in and out of the NYC lifestyle every season, he been able to capture iconic moments on film with his artsy friends and bring them to life through lenticular printing.

The Professional: Julia Sariy 

Julia is a New York-based photographer originally from Ukraine.

She specializes in fashion photography and attended New York City Fashion Week as a photojournalist.

Her specialties are women’s and men’s fashion, beauty, and portrait photography.

The Explorer: Jiro Konami 

Now a visual vet, Jiro has adapted to the bustle of big cities. Hailing from Japan the NYC-based photographer made his way overseas in search of inspiration and during the winter months, he’s capturing the hottest winter fashion looks.

The Go-getter: Melodie Jeng

Brick or not you can catch NYC-Based photographer Melodie capturing the latest winter fashion all over the world.

Wether she’s in Milan or in the streets of NY for Fashion Week, we can always depend on her to get the shot.

The Modernist: Patrizia Messineo

Patrizia is an NYC-based photographer on a mission to prove that her artistry captures far more than models.

The FIT graduate, for sure has a unique eye, and when it comes to capturing the bundled up fits that flood the streets of NYC during the winter she’s no amateur.

The Underdog: Vikram Pathak

For more than two decades Vikram has pursued his passions of fashion and photography.

He has worked and learned for distinguished photographers like David Lachappelle, Steven Meisel, and Patrick de Marcheiler. And his clients include Vogue India, Amazon Prime, GQ India Magazine, and many others.

The Boss: Madison Lane

Madison is a 24-year-old, self-taught fashion photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Within the last two years, she managed to create her own business; creating long-lasting relationships with clients and brands. Now, she dedicates herself to capture all the stylish outfits within the streets of New York.

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