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You need to cut it: 3 ways fantasy football is lowkey ruining your life

Put your phone down dog.

We all have a tendency to get caught up in our phone for too long. Whether it’s scrolling through Twitter, smashing that Candy Crush, or texting one too many side pieces, our phones can be the most distracting and divisive forces in our lives.

But fantasy football takes this to a whole ‘nother level.

Fantasy football can be a joyous outlet for people who want to get away from their problems. But isn’t that what football is for? Here are some of the reasons fantasy football may be ruining your life.

It’s taking away your appreciation of the game

Whatever happened to loving your one team, and feeling like a rockstar if they won that week, or going out sad if they lost? This was a simple way to watch the game, a lovely way. Your significant other could watch with you, pretend that they cared, but easily follow along.

Fantasy football created an environment where the player you need to perform could be on the opposing team.

Suddenly you’re dying for your beloved New York Giants to hold onto their two-point lead, but need the star wide receiver of the other team to get 20 more yards for your fantasy team.¬†Where they do that at?

This dichotomy of rooting forces is not healthy and must be atoned.

It’s not helping you get laid

Secondly, fantasy football can be ruining your romantic life.

As before mentioned, your shawty can join you on the couch and root for your favorite team along with you. You can explain the rules, provide some backstory, and relish in the fact that your significant other cares about the things you care about. But with fantasy football, the lines are so blurred.

Your partner may not know where your vested interests lie, and even if they do, the constant glances to your phone to check how your fantasy team is doing can make the most patient person get angry.

Instead of the rule-explaining, the backstory of players, and lovely banter that comes between partners, now you have a distracted mind as you’re staring at your screen. Be better, dog.

It’s taking focus away from what really matters most

The final reason fantasy football may be ruining your life is that it can consume everything else on your plate. I have already explored the romantic side, but what about your career, and your health?

Suddenly normal, monotonous activities you engaged in like getting to work early, bringing food home for your shawty, shaving, and brushing your teeth, seem a whole lot more agitating. When fantasy football is the monolith of our lives, we let everything else that is undoubtedly more important fall to the wayside.

These next few months of early football season have the potential to be groundbreaking for your relationship and your career.

You’ve got to stick to your goals, your morals, and appreciate the beautiful game of football for what it is. And if you can’t do these things while fantasy football is in your head, well, #YouNeedToCutIt.