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5 Ways To Make Your Body Feel Better During Quarantine

Our mind and body have noticed a big change since quarantine, meaning we need to take better care of ourselves than ever before to ensure a healthy body and mindset.

Whilst it can be easy to lose all sense of routine, taking this time to better ourselves will leave us coming out the other side healthier, happier and more appreciative of the world. 

Look After Your Skin

Whilst in quarantine, this is the perfect time to get a good skincare routine going. Now is the time to get educated on skincare and find products that you can continue to use after quarantine is done.

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Looking after the skin and having a natural, healthy glow can make us feel more confident in our own skin. Exfoliate, cleanse and use a CoQ10 toner before applying serum and moisturizing. 


Staying indoors can make it harder to find the motivation to exercise, but don’t let this hold you back. Exercising will make your body feel better, and now is a better time than ever to get your body in the shape you want it to be.

There are no more excuses – you have enough time to do anything you want, so whether this is starting yoga or doing home exercise routines, quarantine is offering you the opportunity to get fitter and healthier.

If you have a regular routine at home and incorporate exercise into this, you will notice your body feeling better and your mind feeling more active. 

Keep a Routine

It is all too easy to lose all sense of a routine when you aren’t leaving the house or working. If you do work from home, this can make maintaining a routine easier. If you don’t, now is the time to make a routine that works for you.

Sleep just as you usually would and don’t stick to late nights and late mornings. This will make you feel lazier and you will lose more daylight. Take the opportunity to exercise outside once a day if you can.

If not, try to get out in your garden if you have one. Have three meals a day and keep yourself busy with new hobbies and skills. There are so many options whilst in quarantine, whether working on your own business, a new art project, learning a new language or discovering new books. 

Chef Up More

Quarantine is making it easier than ever to turn to take-out and eating unhealthily. Whilst it is okay to treat yourself occasionally, and getting a takeaway with the whole family can be the closest thing to going to a restaurant, try not to rely on this too much.

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Cooking will allow you to make healthier, more organic meals which are better for the whole family. Take this time to really get to know your ingredients and make meals you’ve never made before.

With a couple of weeks in quarantine, you can improve your cooking skills massively. 

Check-in On Your Mental Health

If your mental health isn’t great, your body isn’t going to feel amazing either. Quarantine is going to affect even those with the best mental wellbeing, as we can’t do what we want or see our loved ones.

Whilst this is a measure that must be obeyed, it doesn’t make it any easier. Check-in on how you are feeling and be honest with yourself. Talk to your loved ones and practice self-care routines on those days you are struggling with your mental health.

Follow this guide to help you feel better in your mental health, as well as your physical health. Care for your skin, keep a routine, exercise, cook healthy meals, and take care of your mental health to make your body feel better in quarantine. 

The Grind Don’t Stop: 10 ways to stay in shape during the cold season

By January 1st you’ll be too late.

The mad rush to getting fit by Summer 2018 is literally everyone’s objective once the year resets.

We’re talking packed gyms, Facebook statuses declaring new lifestyles, and starting that questionable new juice cleanse.

You don’t want that life, beloved. This is why you cannot take a season off.

Working out in the Fall/Winter seasons is not attractive for a lot of reasons. You’re not showing skin, it’s colder, thus making you less motivated to get out there, and the amount of food and sweets that come with the holidays make it damn near impossible to stay in shape.

While these are all valid reasons to take the holiday season off, your perspective would be more inclined to change if you tried looking at staying in shape as an opportunity.

What sense does ruining all the hard work that, in theory, you’ve been putting in since the 1st?

So here are some tips for you to stay fit.

Embrace the cool

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Half of the battle is in your mindset.

Yes, initially you’re going to be cold as hell but remember, you’re eventually going to work up a sweat — you’re not going to be cold the entire time. Get outside and enjoy the brisk weather.

You never know, you may enjoy it better than working out in the sun.

Remember, it gets dark earlier

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Because it’s the Fall/Winter time, it gets darker earlier.

So late night workout sessions might have to transition to day-time sessions as well as keeping in mind what that means for the neighborhoods you run/go to workout.

Location is key

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You must keep in mind that motivating yourself will be much more difficult during this season. This is why location is so important.

Finding a gym, park, or rec center that’s closer in proximity will dramatically increase your willpower to go out.

Plan ahead

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Preparing is an easy way to get your mind ready to workout.

Packing your workout bag, laying out your clothes, meal prep, and even setting your shoes by the door are all ways that you can make the process of pumping yourself up easier.

Find inside routines

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Sometimes it’s not your motor that will be your biggest deterrent, but the weather conditions.

This is why your creativity must heighten in the colder months if you plan on staying in shape.

This can be pairing an exercise with a television show, in-home workout videos etc. At the end of the day, it’s all about willpower and your ability to eliminate excuses.

Find a partner

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Two heads are better than one and though extremely trite, this old adage rings true when you’re attempting to pry yourself out of your warm cocoon to venture into the cold to lift.

When you have someone to hold you accountable, it instills the fear of letting more than just yourself down.

Having trouble getting up to go work out?

Just let someone know you’re supposed to meet them.


Hannibal Buress Diet GIF by Adult Swim - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yes, while there will be all sorts delectable goodies during the holiday season, a sure way to ensure that you remain fit is to limit portion size or simply exercise discipline.

Each season features fruits and vegetables that are essential to sustain health, researching what they are as well being strict about what you consume will take you lengths towards that Summer 18 look you crave.

Have a goal

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Without a destination, it’s hard to have direction and without direction, you’ll go nowhere.

This is why there should be a planned out objective that you would like to see yourself accomplish going into these cold months, especially if it’s your first time working out during these types of conditions.

If you came into Fall with a set weight, plan on leaving Winter with a different one.

Make a commitment

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Make a vow to yourself that you’re going to reach whatever benchmark you set, then commit to it. When you have it in your head that this is something you truly want to do, it will make waking up to the unfavorable weather conditions a lot easier.

The first step is believing that it’s something you’re capable of doing. Once you realize the possibility, it’ll be a lot easier to stay fit.

Don’t be a straggler and wait ’till the first of the month to begin getting in shape. Do it now.